ReflectionsGuess i've been doing a million things wrong nowadays. my conscience nags at me, and even my little angels are driven round the bend trying to keep up with the mad action and chaos existant in my mind and soul. Its a circus in there. Yet, i can't resolve these issues...

Meanwhile, exams are round the corner as well. I've come to terms with my lack of motivation and will to press on with mugging therefore i'm gonna have to take it one step at a time this round. No pressure, no stress, just go have fun (or wat not). Also, a shoutout going to my 2 'O' level students Cecilia and Yamunah. All the best gurls... I'm sure gurls are more than well prepared le. Yep. Gosh.. i just can't wait for holidays to arrive... Spain and Portugal + freezing temps.. here i come!

oh yesh, just for information, orders during the exam period are still warmly welcomed by me. Quality guranteed as per usual. Wld serve as a good de-stressing outlet for me too. Cheers!

fyi, above is a strawberry cheesecake a.k.a sweet fantasy meant for order. Freshly pureed strawberries swirled through the best cheesecake batter topped with fresh strawberries and more puree. specially for those who adore strawberries. Relish urself in strawberry haven.
anyway, just wanna wish bestie a Happie birthday. Hold tight to the faith yar, soon we'll see a brighter day...

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