je suis fatigue

je suis tres fatiguee...

gosh.. i'm so so so so tired. Its feels lyke i'm a car running on the last bit of its fuel. Its a constant struggle to push on. I just wish exams will be over soon. Can't wait to feel the cold blast of air in Europe. Its drives me insane just thinking about it.

Having a little problem with bdae party plans as well. Drats tt its so darn near the xmas season. Reservations have to be made early to ensure my spot, or risk disappointments later if i decided to procrastinate. I've got hardly any inspiration or idea as to the theme of the party, where to have it and other details. Can't decide btw a seat down dinner or just an informal after-8 chillout session. Seriously, i dun even knoe who wld come to my party.. lyke some deep sense of inferiority dawns upon me. Oh well, perhaps it wld just be a simple family affair then.

A little update for the weekend. Had a lovely mushroom steamboat with the family, with er-yi, popo and trevor dropping by to join in the mushroom galore. No seriously, there was A LOT of mushrooms. In fact, there was enough food to feed an army even. Tsk tsk, mummy lacks judgement once more. She thinks tt everyone can eat a cow, hmph.. perhaps i can, but not the rest ya. So that doesn't count.

The mushrooms were all gorgeous, seemed tt the dawn of mushroom season has seen tt the many different varieties of mushrooms flood the shelves of our local supermart. My gosh, the earthy smell unleashed as my mum spread her babies across the dining room table where i was revising was somewat nauseating though i have a deep love for mushrooms. But the pile of them proved to much to handle. Nonetheless, the steamboat proved to be a success. They were succulent, fresh and awfully woody. *yum*
Done with orders for this week as well, after a severe influx of them tt saw me baking night and day for 3 days, the kitchen has finally returned to its peaceful state albeit for the apricot stain on the wall tt cause gazillions of ants to flock to it. argh. Sorry. With this peace reinstated, i decided to try out my new cathedrale silicon pan. I dug out several ingredients tt i had bought with my mum on a supermarket spree. Cranberries and a whole tub of greek yoghurt. Created my own recipe with the help of William Sonoma's many bundt cake recipes. Playing with proportions and flavors since it was very hard to fill up the gigantic cathedrale pan.
I finally settled on a Spiced Almond Cranberry Yogurt Cake.
As you can see it turned out beautifully... but the taste was a bit flat. Could have use a little more sugar i felt. The cranberries punctured the creamy beige cake with its crimson red juices oozing out and its stingy sweet flavor was very much a welcomed addition. One thing i loved about it was the moisture and sponginess of the cake. This was probably due to the yogurt added. Greek styled especially made the cake ultra flavorful and moist. Tt was delightful.
Perhaps next time I would play up the spices as well as the saccharine levels within the recipe. This I feel wld make a wonderful festive cake. Sprinkled with a coat of sugar like light snow on an old roman cathedrale with stained glass windows. Oh gosh, there i go thinking about europe again. *pengz*

gosh, now its back to my books and a little sneak peak of the television.*Oops(.. dun let mummy knoe. hehe)

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