early mornings kill me. i swear.

woke up for the standard chartered marathon today. With a daunting distance of 42.2km ahead, i showed the least enthusiasm towards the whole affair. Whats more, i had less than apt preparation for the event. With the longest distance of 8km per session throughout the entire exam period.

Mishaps came in dozens. Lost babe. ran with a bloody foot the entire way, the pain cutting thru my toes. finally stopping after 22km mark at a medical station to dress the wound. took out my shoe to reveal a blood soaked soak, only to realise tt my last two toes had abraded against each other so badly tt the skin had all rubbed off, leaving only raw flesh exposed. The pain was unbearable, then the cramps came. Knee locks... i'm sure many who did the marathon had similar experiences to tell. Pain is all in the mind anywaz.

To babe, i'm sorrie tt i ran off first (though i reallie looked ard for u and waited for u). I'm sorrie.

Another bad day...

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