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Tag! *cross fingers*

so before i went to bed the previous night, i religiously opened up my favourite blogs to take a look at what every other baker is up to. and ta-da! noticed tt I've been tagged by Laurie of Quirky Cupcake . thanks lady! wow.. how exciting! my very first meme. just like my pre-decessor. Orite, so how do i get about this? hmph. it shldn't be tt difficult right. just 9 questions! hmph.. make tt 10, there's still the final qn of how to tag there after. gosh *slaps forehead*

here goes nothing.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

  • 10 years ago.. tt wld be 1998 right? gosh. i was 12 years old then, in primary 6. hmph.. *scratches forehead*.. clueless... i guess childhood sorta flew by me faster than i thought it would. i guessed i did nothing more than study my head off the entire year as i was sitting for the primary school leaving examinations (psle) tt year. for all foreigners out there, psle is lyke a majorly important exam as it allow entry into the secondary school of your choice for which in the end i entered Raffles Girls School Secondary. i moved house, moving from my old home in Bukit Batok to my current at Hume Avenue off Upper Bukit Timah Road. After my exams, my family and I spent the winters in alaska. Sort of as a reward after the exhausting exam period. that was one of the best trips i had ever had in my memory.
What were you doing 1 year ago?

  • 1 year ago? wait.. so we're looking at last year in January right? tt would be pretty nothing much. enjoying a much laidback life after a terribly active holiday having scaled Mt. Kinabalu then going to Vietnam for holiday with my family. so it was pretty much a period of settling down and getting mentally prepared for school, then i was in my 2nd semester of my 2nd year in University. definitely not looking forward to the start of school of course.
Five snacks you enjoy:

  • Twisties!! barbeque flavor of course!
  • Nutella (yesh! straight from the jar!)
  • A bar of dark chocolate (any brand wld suffice. i'm tt easy to pls)
  • Fruits.. honey dew and Papaya being my favourite choice for snacking
  • Ben and Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to: (make it 7!)

  • I hope you dance -- Leanne Womack
  • Let me let go -- Faith Hill
  • Butterfly -- Mariah Carey
  • Whenever you call -- Mariah Carey
  • God bless the Broken Road -- Rascal Flatts
  • Forever -- Mariah Carey
  • Jesus take the wheel -- Carrie Underwood

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

  • Travel the Globe
  • Retire and head to the mountains somewhere in Switzerland to set up a bed and breakfast or buy over a vineyard in the rural province of Spain and set up shop with Babe
  • Throw out of this world parties!!!
  • Bake myself silly. quit university and head on down to Le Cordon Bleu in France
  • Take care of my family and their needs. Rid mummy of her terrible job and send her on a permenant holiday ard the world. send weiquan to veterinary school and set up a pet shop for him.

Five bad habits:

  • Being extremely impatient whilst on the phone
  • Biting my nails when i'm stressed
  • Sticking my big toe out when i'm working (its rather strange.. not all tt bad, at least no one is harmed)
  • Speaking before i think.
  • Eating nonsense when i'm stressed or bored.

Five things you like doing:

  • Watch the sunrise/ sunset with the wind in your hair
  • Spending time with Babe.
  • Baking.. in the wee hours of the night
  • Reading baking books. i can spend hours just browsing at books in bookstores
  • Working out. Sweating it out just makes you feel sooo good!

Five things you would never wear again:

  • Short hair (for certain reasons)
  • Frilly socks
  • High-waisted pants with your shirt tucked in.
  • Fanciful hairclips and pins
  • Nanyang school uniform

Five favorite toys:

  • My new kenwood patissier stand mixer
  • Bunny (my soft toy)
  • Culinary blowtorch
  • My Sony Ericsson W910i phone
  • Babe. (my toy boy.. hehe. *woops*)

Oritey! its done! *phew*.. tt was a blast. Actually had fun doing this little questionaire. honesty is the best policy. hehe. now comes the hard part. who should i tag? qn: do they all have to within the baking circle? gosh.. if yes, tt's pretty hard.

so the list goes, (sorrie, i cld only come up with 4.. hehe)

  1. Evangeline of bossacafez
  2. Claire of Claireofalltrades
  3. Elyn of e's joie
  4. Yan'an of esophoria

so now its your turn to answer the blog about the meme and tag 5 other people! so its tag! you're it!

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