Midnight... my world turns around...

when the clock strucks 12. the 'werewolf' in me, or rather, a perservering soul, pushes through his weak outer being.. it is only when midnight arrives that I become the midnight baker. Not that I have much of a choice really given my busy weekends and short nights. When orders come, i rush thru them, waking up at wee hours in the morning to prepare the swiss meringue buttercream of cream cheese frosting for the little cuppies to be sent out.

But most of the time, i enjoy baking for people in the company. their joyous smiles and twinkly eyes followed by wild gushes of ectasy are definitely soothing to the soul. Guess what? i may even have the chance to bake my supervisor's bdae cake. His strong hints are too obvious to miss... I'm not too psyched about baking an oreo cheese cake though. *yawn*.. BORING!

Most of the time, my colleagues are my lab rats, taste testers for many of my experiments and new recipes. Strangely, they are a pretty easy bunch of mice to please. Give them a few nibbles in a cookie jar coupled with a sweet note at the side, you have got yourself one bunch of rowdy mice starting a party already. Several scampering over to my cubicle sqeaking about how delish the bites are. From marshmellow cuppies to banana bread to almond cookies to butter cake; it seems they've got it good. Well, i'm not complaining either. in fact, i pretty much enjoy the whole process.

This time, i baked coffee cookies which i thought the Brazilians would enjoy especially since they do love their coffee. One thing i loved about them is the crunchy texture complimented by the nutty frangrance of the walnut topping the cookie. *grinz*. these puff up quite a bit, so my attempts at created thatched designs using a fork all were in vain. Oh well.. at least they made up with it by their divine taste. Not too sweet yet carrying the strong flavor of the coffee. Perfect for dipping into a hot drink.

well... i guess its about time to hit the bed soon. have been up chasing a few order around the kitchen. Quite a commotion in there. but at least everything is sorted out now and the little babies look pretty in pink, red and white. Just wait and see!

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