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Lil' bit of everything

still my heart burns solely. even more so today after another episode of raging thoughts and raw emotions unfold. my throat hurts. must be friday the 13th at work. darn..

Alright off to the movies again today! Have caught the movie fever as of late and now the theatres are probably my second home. Considering the ticket prices now these days, catching the movies have perhaps become more of a burden on the wallets more than anything else. So here are my thoughts on the movies i've watched and whether they are worth the extra dollar.
  • Chronicles of Naria: Prince Caspian

i recall reading the collection of books in my younger days hence I am more than thrilled to see this screened. With much biasness, I advice everyone to watch this movie. Not only for it intriguing plot; one with a fair mix of magic, fairytale and dark nature; but also for its talented cast whose excellent acting skills allow viewers to sink into the reality of the situation with ease.

to watch or not?: Yes please!
  • Sex and the City

I enjoyed this film a whole lot. I wouldn't quite categorise it as a chick flick. Neither is it very intellectual but in some way or another, it carries with it a little weightage in terms of values. A film that takes you into the undies shoes of the characters and sends you on a whirlwind journey of emotions. Surely a good film for a girlfriends get together especially with the featured high end fashion that would send you ooh-ing and ah-ing. Not forgetting the humongous walk in wardrobe! *sigh*

to watch or not?: Watch! u surely cannot miss this one! a pity its highly sensored here in Singapore. *oops*

  • Kungfu Panda

Desperately in need of some laughs? Then you won't go wrong with this animation film. Trust me, i almost gagged laughing on this one.

to watch or not: A MUST WATCH!!! one of the best animation films I've ever caught...

  • The Incredible Hulk

a much better spin-off of the ang lee version; the incredible hulk offers mostly action pack sequences and high adrenaline scenes. Love the Tony Starks (a.k.a iron man) cameo at the end. now that was the pivotal moment for me.. hehe.. he's awfully manly gorgeous. *slurps*. Otherwise, a rather good show for easy digestion.

to watch or not: Yesh.. with the testerone driven boyfriend

Oh well, from the looks of it, there ain't escaping the movie season then. Pardon me for my lack of assistance in this department. hehe.

Went out to afternoon tea with my dearest Evangeline at pan pacific hotel this afternoon. What followed after; endless chatter, platters of cakes and a mouthful of godiva chocolixir. *swoons*. I had an enjoyable time Evan! meet up again soon yar! Don't worry, I'll remember to get some goodies back from Australia for you! *smilez*

A tiny glimpse into the delightful afternoon treats we enjoyed. I loved the signature passion fruit cheese. With its almost silky texture heightened by the taste of citron and a surprise passion fruit centre. This certainly proved to be a light and refreshing treat for the taste buds. I couldn't say the same for the raspberry sacher though. Very disappointing...

and finally, a slice of the cake which caused me all the trouble last night. Had a nibble today.. *yummy*.. peanut butter and chocolate cake, brown butter chocolate frosting with the addition of salted peanuts down the sides. Almost suffered a cardiac arrest just slapping the dallops of creamy peanut butter into the batter! Chocolate and peanut butter... my vice...

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