end of the road

End of the Road

no don't worrie, i'm not suffering from a broken heart. In fact, I couldn't be happier. hearing about Babe's many unfortunate incidents and his horrible day, and then him ending off with 'you're my comfort' just makes me guilty to show that little tinge of happiness in my heart. Yet a little smile escapes my lips.

A little insight into the life of a baker cum tuition teacher cum IA student; currently slowing down her pace as the holidays approach and the end of IA draws closer. Still i can't help but feel a bit of sadness. i will miss the place and all its lovely people within. on the other hand? i smell fun and adventures looming nearer as my 1 month trip to Australia awaits me! *woots* Hope the rest of you aero students out there are gonna get some good rest before the crazy final year!

Have been surrounded by baking the past few weeks; from the gigantic orders (think a 4kg oreo cheesecake for the company) to the numerous cupcakes and cakes that I have to bake. My most recent one being the weeping willow which caught the eye of one of my readers. Apparently, it isn't exactly for sale yet. But under strong requests, i obliged...

in the end, they loved it to bits! guess my self-created recipe of green tea and black sesame cheesecake sure works wonders! i'm glad... a major thanks to all those who have sent their compliments. It sure is a major booster for me, to knoe that somehow others do appreciate my bakes.

weeping willow2

Meanwhile, more bakes around the corner. orders! plus blueberry drop cookies and almond sticky buns fresh outta the oven soon! stay tuned!

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