Valentines Day

Oh how we all hate Valentines Day...

Cynical? yes indeed. Valentines Day hasn't exactly been on the top of my list of favourite holidays to celebrate. With the streets flooded with couples doused in syrup-ey mood for love, florists and restaurants holding the reins with their cut-throat prices, baskers with wicker baskets filled of individual stemmed roses pressurizing poor boyfriends to buy their lovely lady a stalk. All of it seems a little gimicky at this point. Perhaps I hadn't had a memorable Valentines day so to speak of, thus my grudges. But I pray that this year would show a glimmer of hope.

Meanwhile, here are some good deals and V-day present ideas that you could consider!

Check out With Love this Valentine for reasonable, almost too good to be true steals on flowers and flower bouquets!
With collection points from NTU and NUS, things couldn't get easier. and who wouldn't want a cute red bear like the one featured below.. awww.. it needs a home!
read: and no babe, this is not a hint for you to get me flowers... you know I've always thought of them as useless burdens...

Next up, how about getting a box of decorated sugar cookies for your loved one. With lovely messages etched on its heart-shaped cookie; I'm sure that the recipient would swoon at this one. Followed by a hug thereafter. THink about it yar!

Check it out here if interested!

Last of all.. Oh please.. you wouldn't think I was gonna give up on advertising myself would you. hehe. Some sweet nothings for the dearest? Our special v-day exclusive cupcakes, personalised cupcakes and other cakes are still out for grabs. So do drop my website for a look!

So what you going to do this valentines' day?

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