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Jonathan's bdae 050409

Date: 050409 (Sunday)
Venue: Da-yi-ma's House
Event: Jonathan's Birthday
Dress code: It's a mad house. dress appropriately...

finally, a non food-related post on the blog. Guess the blog is just a little ill-stricken from four-seasonal feastings. Takes a little family maniac to remedy!

After our sumptious dinner(no photos to boot). Photo-taking with the birthday boy commenced. Now, this process can be just a little chaotic when you have missing people, upset little girls and flashing lights. Wonder what's all that about? take a look...


Yes, the flashing lights. Where were they from?
ah-ha! The culprit!

Er-yi in an attempt to make the world a better place by shining a light on the faces caught in the darkened spots of the photo. Hilarious!!!

"Cousins!" the role call for the little ones who instinctively crawl into place without much herding needed. Apparently, we have greatly reduced in strength with the elder ones spread over the world. Ben kor kor in Dubai, Velda in India and Kor in Melbourne (out in the wilderness somewhere). You were missed!!! Meanwhile, we've got the other halves to replace you guys in the shot!

the cousins

and the last few shots, saved for the old foogies! These people are probably the driving force behind the whole photoshoot in the first place. The place is literally a mad-house when it comes to occasions like that!


Desserts commenced with a towering platter of fruits, nectarines, honey mangoes, sweet rock melon and mutated strawberries! Not forgetting the birthday cake and an apple pie! Gosh... the table was a flurry of activity as the centerpiece spinned in a rainbow of colors. That essentially, was the essence of dining at my aunt's place. You never leave the place feeling unsatisfied.


oh Duke-y!!! Alright, that was a random call. But isn't he sweet when he's asleep...


Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.
-- Jane Howard

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