at the foothills of all these mysterious things

At the foothills of all these mysterious things...


Time slips thru our fingertips, like the smooth sand grains of an hour glass tipped over. With each passing day, it keeps us guessing whether the sun would shine mercilessly perforating the thin cloud cover or whether a heavy sky of grey sheets would hang over head. Today, the latter has been chosen.

The week constituted of a mish-mash of events put together in a jigsaw puzzle that appeared to harmonious apart from the gaps of sadness that filled the holes otherwise. Lunch at Uluru was an enjoyable event, not of epicurean significance, though it did have a certain 'economical' sense to it. To all those contemplating the venue, give the $15 weekday set lunch (2 course) a shot. The roast beef sandwich I had was without a doubt one of the best I've ever had. Accompanied by thick 'steak' fries and a rocket salad, it was delectable. The focaccia bread, mustard mayonnaise spread and medium done beef slices came together with the precision of a well intergrated orchestra. On a seperate note, the mud pie (pictured above) that came along with the boyfriend's 3 course set meal was a surprise too. With differing contrasts btw the layers, my tummy did a mini sommersault. Crisp praline, with rich ganache and a lighter chocoalte mousse and chocolate cake layers. Mmm.

random note beerfest

Sunday came and went. Tim Sum with the folks and the India inspired cousin at Prima Revolving tower. Some should oil the turning plate, the muted jerks send jolts down my spine...

Then it was off to view the cats. Darn, makes me want to own a kitty cat too. With those agile performers bouncing off the wall, licking their whiskers and manevering the thin aisles, it was all an entirely enjoyable experience.


Then, we wondered off to foothills of the Singapore Flyer in search for some inspiration that the energetic kittens failed to provide us with. There, we found a gold-laden path, fizzy drinks of happiness, thick succulent sausages lining the sides and loud lullabies ringing in our ears. Beerfest Asia.


Weston's Organic Cider is the best drink ever invented. Period.


evan 이벤젤린 said...

woot, such lovely pics dear. was captivated by the stunning shot of the flyer, love the perspective! love the collage of the dim sum too :D

albeit the disappointing lunch, glad to hv caught up with u b4 u leave :D

SiHaN said...

Thanks Evan. pity my camera fell out with me after that. Gosh.. contemplating getting a new one within this week cause i can't afford to go australia w/o one! haah.

I'm glad to have caught up with you too! and of course I'm looking forward to next next month's outing! hehe.