just for the mum

Just for the loving hand that feeds me...

an update of my journey.

so don't say I didn't do it.

tiny trail of ants clambering the steep slopes of ayers rock. treacherous...
now I can say, 'been there, done that.'

a different view of the majestic red rock. aboriginal caves boring certain cultural significance.

On to the Olgas...
the valley of the winds.
every bit as mystical as it sounds.
even the pesisting flies buzzed off in a slow breeze
towering boulders of rock paint a spectacular scene against the blinding blue backdrop.

by now. sweat of exertion drizzled down the nape of my neck.

And don't worry.. home cooked meals are always satisfactory. *grinz*

and I really wish I had more time.. but this would have to suffice for the moment (another short trip to wilsons promonotory national park tmr). Just a shot or two more of the most wonderful part of the entire trip (for me). Tasmania. A land of diverse landscapes and unpredictable weather. In one word... 'beautiful'
and finally...

just for a little honeyed touch.

to my worried stricken mum.

I love you.

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Unknown said...

I love this post..what lovley surroundings. I miss seeing you on TWD and on my blog! YOur picture is so pretty of you and your hubby!