Food tasting @ District 10 Bistro

Food Tasting @ District 10 Bistro


Picking up the pace, I pitter-pattered my way to the entrance of the bistro. As I navigated the windy streets linking Newton MRT to Monks Hill and finally to Windstedt Road, I wiped a drop of sweat of my brow. Apparently, I had misjudged the distance... BADLY... some words of advice to those thinking of taking a stroll in: Enter from Bukit Timah Road. It's so much nearer!

That aside, as I trudged into the compound, desperately performing some last minute composure in an effort to make myself seem presentable to the other tasters (i doubt it matter anyway as it was more likely they were here for the food and not some paltry side kick of a dining companion), I was treated to the sights of a beautiful wooden verendah with all the charms of al-fresco dining complete with hidden cubbyholes for that extra privacy. WOW. that's one red tick from me. Perfect for booze rendezvous under the night skies with lively friends or even a single drinking partner, it was no wonder the tables were packed and crowded with opened bottles of every shape and size.


The D10-jito ($12) was a lovely start to the meal. A real fire-extinguisher, this put me at ease instantly with it's breezy flavors combining the likes of mint, lime and raunchy rum. The latter could have been more intense in my opinion but that's just the alcoholic in me speaking.

Soon after settling down in the high-backed wicker chairs (rather comfortable), the parade of dishes began. Starting with appetisers, the food strutted their stuff on the shimmy white platters, where the photographers and die-hard food advocates proceeded to blind them followed by a frenzied murder thru devouring.

The Deep Fried Calamaris and Tiger Prawns ($10) were certainly a sight for sore eyes. Alright, I profess my love for the deep fried. oh how sinful... these were good with a crisp coating of batter that on the downside, somehow didn't manage to adhere to their seafood counterparts that successfully. The garlic aioli dip sounded fancy but lack omph in the taste department.

The Selection of Traditional Cold Cuts ($14) on the other hand was delightful and I imagined would have gone down well with a chilled bottle of crisp white wine. Slightly clueless as to what I was picking off the platter due to the dim lightings in the area, I nibbled on a bit of parma ham, chewed on a slice of salami, gobbled down a piece of roasted chicken breast and spied on the brittle pieces of toasted ciabatta. All yummy.


Selection of Traditional Cold Cuts

The District 10 Salad ($12) was every bit a spokesman of the restaurant, composed of a mountain of rockets lettuce,marinated mushrooms, walnut, Feta Cheese and roasted Roma tomato in balsamic dressing. This could easily satisfy any rocket fanatic. Pity I wasn't feeling the cow in me that night...


D10 Salad

Moving on to the furthest plate across the table, I edged my fork towards the last remaining duck scroll perched on the platter. Dipping it in the sweet chilli sauce, I pressed my teeth into the crackly fried rice paper. There was no love in this dish. period. Homemade duck spring rolls ($10)

The next item on the chopping block (literally) was the Chilli Crab Pizza. Deep fried soft shell crab over a bed of sweet chilli crab sauce and melted cheese on a crisp pizza crust. Need I say more? With just one bite, I turned into an instant fan. Nevermind the skeptical diagnosis spouting from the others... I was in a world of my own and in this world, the chilli crab pizza was my best friend and such a sweet talker might I add.


Chilli Crab Pizza

In comparison to the fashionable entrance of the appetisers, the main courses fared poorly in terms of flavor and the wow factor; failing to capture the excitment of it's masters with it's unimaginative combinations.

The Rigatoni ($18) for instance was a let-down with the penne well overcooked and the supposed show-stopping wagyu beefballs failing to impress with it's lack of seasoning.


The Country style roasted Baby back ribs ($24) scored with it's tender flesh and smokey sweet marinade. The chunky steak cut fries on the side were excellent and I relished in the fact that these were served instead of the skinny fries.


Last but not least, the Beer battered fish and chips ($19) was dressed to impress, served on a news printed parchment with the words 'FINANCIAL TIMES' blasted across the top, I adored the old-school feel to it's makeup. The real deal however was mediocre with fresh fillets covered by a soggy beer battered crust. Paired with green-pea mash and tartare sauce, I was caught sneaking spoonfuls of the former long after giving up on the lack lustre fish. Addictive is the word.


Clearing our palates of savouries, our tummies prepared for the battle of the sweets. It was dessert time. And first to the table was the American Bramley Apple pie ($9) which suffered considerable damage after all the flash photography. The scoop of icecream that used to be, ended up a slush of vanilla soup on the side. Buttery crust, check, warm apple fillings, check, oh my gosh.. what is that jello looking thing on the side. Butterscotch set cream... mmm.. reminds me of coagulated condensed milk. *shakes head*


The Tiramisu with Mocha sauce ($9) was alright given it's light texture, could have done better with a higher proportion of mascarpone cheese to cream though. Oh.. please don't say I'm a snob...


Pretty to look at, the Pavlova opens a whole other dimension of the words sweet and crusty all at the same time. If you have a penchant for this dessert, do try D10's version.


The Homemade Profiteroles ($9) served with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce was pleasant but uninspired.


One of my favourite picks of tonight's dessert listings would have to be the Traditional crème brûlée with Bourbon Vanilla and Rum ($9). Thick with the sweet scent of rum and good ole' vanilla in every spoonful, I fought off the urge to graze on the entire dish and decidingly move on the other desserts in hopeful search of greener pastures.


And then I found this...

The White chocolate and strawberry cheesecake ($10). I could have sworn my love for it there and then. It's luscious creamy interior complimented by the tart berry compote and jelly crown. Simple yet big-hearted in every way, this was right up my alley. Darn the fact that the waiter was enormous on mind reading, he cleared my spoon in the nick of time and saved me from self destruction thru gorging should I have been left with this plate stationary in front of me.


as the long-stretched dinner came to a conclusion, we were brought on a quick go-see of the area, a.k.a area inspection. Stepping into the cool realms of the indoor dining area, I was surprised to find myself immersed in a totally different environment. Chic and pristine, a bit like broth back on duxton hill. Taking a small flight of steps down to it's lower deck, I turned the corner and was floored by the shelves of wine stacked neatly against the wall.


With prices in an orderly five tier range, $39, $49, $59, $70 and $99. District 10 offers the service of no frills wine sessions complete with good finger foods and the availability of affordable wines from a notable range of countries. Did I mention the decanters they have?


To sum it all up before the school bell rings, District 10 bistro offers an alternative space for the cool kids. Think wallet-friendly cuisine, convenient location and relaxing ambience... guess I probably would be heading down there someday soon. Appetisers and wine maybe??


District 10 Bistro

10 Winstedt Road #01-17
Singapore 227977
tel: 6738 4788



His Food Blog said...

Heh. Great write-up! Sentiments exactly except probably that I didn't find the pizza all that fantastic.

Overall a good place to chillax with your friends after work, but not ideal for a romantic 3 course dinner for two.

SiHaN said...

hfb: Hello! well... to each his own I guess. Told you I had to hold my comments to myself. you guys were throwing the wet blanket all over the poor thing. hha.

Definitely not worth the 3 visit for a romantic 3 course dinner but maybe a 3 course wine affair up the 5 tiered price tag? haha.When's your write up coming?

ladyironchef said...

sinny! nice review, and i like your new blog theme! :)

SiHaN said...

had to change theme out of desperation yeh. haha. Anyway. thanks! enjoy school Brad!

evan 이벤젤린 said...

love yr new layout! definitely better than the last :) hope u r doing well dear, catch up soon ya!

SiHaN said...

evan: thanks babe. I'm glad you like it. I'm doing pretty fine these days. Just a little worn out. and deprieved of certain things.. or people. haha. oh well. catch up with you soon dear!