d'Good Cafe: do your stomach a favor and eat here!

A sight for sore eyes. Surely. Since the lawn-inspired settings transcribes to a heavy amount of soothing vert colors to feed the senses. 

Obviously, this plays to its advantage as the welcome contrast of the warm palates of food definitely look tons more appetizing. 

My first trip to d'Good cafe wasn't exactly a largely gratifying experience, mostly stemming from the fact that I was there to accompany friends and only managed enough appetite to dig into a forkful of Maple Sea Salt cheesecake; which incidentally remains my favourite up till this day. This time round, with a bounty of treasures on the table, conclusions had to be drawn. Will d'Good Cafe be in? Or out?

Whetting the appetite is the Portobello Mushroom Eggs Benedict ($14.50). A delicious alternative to the usual bread sodden versions, the earthy bed of grilled portobello mushrooms working as perfect vessels to soak in the goodness of all that rich hollandaise sauce that runneth over the perfectly poached eggs. Definitely a dish I would highly recommend should you want to remove some of the guilt factor that comes with the excessive egg consumption.

New additions to the menu include the Linguine Alle Vongole ($16). The classic clam pasta grows on you with its simple flavors and good dosage of umami from the pools of juices gathered in the clam shells.

Another stellar offering, that is wallet friendly is their Fresh Sea Prawn Aglio Olio ($16), pasta continues in the same vein, boosted by the use of fresh, not frozen prawns. Stir fried in chili padi and lots and lots of garlic before being tossed through al dente linguine. The taste does not depart from the usual aglio olio variety, but getting such quality in a cafe does make for an ambrosial experience.

One of my favourite dishes was the Baked Lemongrass Chicken ($17.50), marinated in lemongrass before being  lovingly baked. The herbaceous tangy scent of the lemongrass is piquant enough to lift the common cafe fare into stardom; and further enhanced by a decent side of mash potato with crunchy potato bits stirred through for textural contrast. An eye catching mix of sauteed shimeiji mushrooms, green and yellow zucchini complete the pictures with its big savoury flavors.

Looking for something a little smaller to curb the munchies, turn to the Baked Chicken on Sticks ($10). The harmonious melange of flavors from the soy sauce marinated chicken thighs with the grilled red bell peppers and green zucchini is something not to be missed. Portions are rather generous given the price tag too! Note that this dish is only available from 2-6pm and 8pm-kitchen closes everyday.

Waffle aficionados will revel in this Sweet Potato Waffle ($7) where streaks of steamed purple sweet potatoes are stuffed into the waffle iron. Sure, the overall texture is seemingly a bit kueh-kueh like, probably from the steam emitted from the sweet potatoes. But then again, one can hardly pass up a waffle with a good measure of high quality maple syrup drizzled over. 

Of course there are the infamous in-house cheesecakes to entice the sweet tooth. Fool proof and ever so delicious, these are a dessert lover's idea of paradise.

d'Good Cafe has reversed my views about cafe food being run of the mill. Despite the self service structure, the establishment has proved that its food is a luring factor, enough to draw in the crowds , apart from its prime spot in Holland village being a primary reason. 

Don't believe me? You'll have to go try for yourself.

d'Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue,
t: 6219 9807

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thurs: 10am - 10pm
Fri - Sat: 10am - 11pm

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