Copper Chimney: Redefining Chindian

I got lost.

The assault to my five senses as I stepped off the train into the heart of Little India coupled with the the deadly humidity clouding the region; and to make matters worse; a deadly flu virus residing in my body, left me completely disoriented. Thanks babe for coming to my rescue.

After settling in the cool spacious innards of Copper Chimney and chugging down a Cooling Mint Drink; it wasn't long before my nerves had settled and my appetite restored.

A dainty plate of Chicken Malai Tikka ($12) first greets the eye, pieces of chicken grilled and cooked in cream and sharpened with ginger and garlic tantalises the taste buds with a rush of poignant heat. Our other starter of Salt and Pepper Corn ($9) was top drawer -  crunchy baby corn stir fried with a healthy dose of garlic, peppers and soya sauce; an absolutely addictive new addition to the menu that focuses more on the Chindian staples.

Indian food at Copper Chimney go far beyond the regular offerings, priding itself on its distinctive North Indian and Chinese Indian cuisine. One of its signature offerings being the Chicken Manchurian ($11/50), marinated boneless chicken dumpling balls in a thick ginger and garlic laced gravy. Perfect for dredging over their Szechuan fried rice ($11).

A reworked Vegetable Jaipuri ($10), captures my attention, a colourful medley of spring vegetables simmered in cream served on a bed of peppered papad shards pairs splendidly with the Romali Roti ($3.50), freshly spinned and extracted from the fiery depths of the tandoor oven. The hit parade continues with classics such as the Butter Chicken ($11.50) and Mutton Roganjosh ($12), the former scoring points for its tender chunks of chicken floating in a striking orange hued curry that will keep you coming back for more, poised with a fold of garlic naan at hand.

The short dessert menu continues in the light that 'Rich is Good' mantra. The traditional Pistachio Kulfi ($7) was definitely one of the best I've had yet, and a sure-fire respite from the heat outside. Newest addition to the sweets list, the Sizzling Brownie with ice cream ($7.50) is quite the show-stopper, chocolate sauce is reduced to a sticky mess as it double bubbled, toiled and troubled around a rich and gooey hunk of a brownie. 

Even if you couldn't care less about the attempts at incorporating Chindian staples into the menu, there's so much traditional North Indian cuisine to enjoy at Copper Chimney. Chow is affordable, the restaurant, spacious and bright and always teeming with activity; and the staff seem genuinely passionate about what they do. It seems that this well-defined Indian chain is here to stay, it's extension to places such a MBFC food court and Great World City food court, a sign of its ambitiousness to make a stance - That Chindian and North Indian cuisine is here to stay.

Copper Chimney
100 Syed Alwi Road
t: 6294 8891

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 11 30am - 12am
Fri - Sat: 11 30am - 1 am
Sun: 11 30am - 12am

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