Lighthouse Bistro Bar: Quality restaurant fare at Affordable prices

If food is as good as I had tasted that night, then yes, you can be lighthouse any day.

Newly revamped Lighthouse Bistro Bar has received a new lease on life, done away with the hideous coats of orange and the cheap furniture and now focuses on serving up good food, good drinks and deeply wonderful service. It's mission is clear and concise, once you've scrolled down the extensive menu offering a hodgepodge of world dishes: to offer the freshest of seafood at bargain prices. After gawking and gasping at the price reveals, we had to put the food to the test. 

First up under the spotlight is the Salmon's Milk Bath - poached Oceanic Salmon in a milk and light cream broth, heightened with chili, ginger and bok choy. A starter with therapeutic qualities, it's addictive combination of herbs, poignant ginger in milk cream broth really enhancing the delicate pink slabs of salmon within.
Salmon's Milk Bath
Grilled squid on top of perfectly seared scallops? Now, the North American Scallops definitely plays its cards right. The piece de resistance, that pedestal of tom yum and cauliflower puree which I repeatedly scraped my fork through, in an attempt to erase traces of its figmental existence.

North American Scallops
Fishermen's Board
If you're in good company and are harbouring a healthy appetite for more seafood, then look no further than the Fishermen's Board, a seafood platter for 2 comprising Atlantic tiger prawns, squid, black mussels and crumbed dory. My favourite dish of the lot being the tight squid curls sitting in a hot pool of chili and garlic infused olive oil, if only there was bread to accompany the revelry.

Equally satisfying is the East Atlantic Sea Perch, a hefty 200g fillet resting on a bed of garlic mash potatoes and paired with stewed capsicums.

East Atlantic Sea Perch
I had reservations about the tiger beer in the batter for the Fish and Chips, but its bubbly lager instincts worked well to produce a light and crisp coating on the Tiger Fish and Fries. Pacific sea bass is used in this dish, producing succulent results and a flaky flesh. Thanks to consultant Issac's sense and sensibility, no traces of truffle oil linger in the air and straight cut nori fries are served alongside the protein, together with a citrus loaded orange mayo and greens to cut through the richness,

Tiger Fish and Fries
Seafood may be its mainstay, but Lighthouse Bistro Bar does a hell of a job on the Rangers Valley Black Onyx Angus, a 200g striploin cut pan seared and basted with a ton load of butter, thyme and garlic. And just because that ain't a showstopper enough, the kitchen decides to pull another rabbit out of the hat by crowning the meat fest with a 40g piece of Mulard Foie Gras. The diet can wait now...

Rangers Valley Black Onyx Angus
Malaysian Angel Hair
For a little bit of carb therapy, turn your attention to the Malaysian Angel Hair, and try not to freak out when you receive a more hawker style-ish plate of noodles rather than a contemporary dish with portion size fit for a top model trying to shave 2 inches from her non-existent waist line. Despite the al-dente consistency of the strands, the residual heat from the pile up and the scrambled eggs folded in made for a rather mushy affair, kind of like your traditional hokkien mee adorned with a lively assemblage of tiger prawns, fresh squid and black mussels.

L: Salted Chocolate &Caramel; R: PP. Lighthouse Cake
Desserts showed a little less invention than the savouries; the spotlight shone on the Salted Chocolate and Caramel, a mouthwatering combination of french chocolate biscuit base topped with 72% chocolate mousse and a salted caramel mousse. The latter falls short of expectations with the banana cake retaining strangely stodgy innards, the saving grace, that coconut ice cream melting a little too fast to rectify the situation.

Despite it's rather lacklustre swan-song, Lighthouse Bistro has laid claims on my heart for one of the best places to dine in for good quality and reasonably priced seafood, and it doesn't look as if the sun will be setting any time soon on the Lighthouse Bistro restaurant.

Lighthouse Bistro Bar
75 Jellicoe Road
t: 6390 1699

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 12pm - 10 30pm

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