Bochinche (revisited): The stars remain aligned

There exists a blurry line between Bochinche being a great bar or a great restaurant. Mainly because it does both with intuitive nature, as though it's an intrinsic part of its being. Plop your tush by the bar and lap on some interesting underpriced wines from the Argentinian region or shake up your own Chimchurri Bloody Mary table-side. Your life, your call. Just that my advise would be a little cocktail don't hurt nobody.

Now with a new menu of exciting small plates for sharing, dining at Bochinche just got a whole lot easier on the pocket and with the added benefit of having a wider variety of items tantalise the tastebuds. Some most orders: the Watermelon salad with mozzarella cream and tomatoes and the Ox Tongue topped with Parmesan foam, that is such a festival of textures and tastes, it makes you cantillate songs of praise to have working teeth and a tongue in your head.

We begin the carousal with the Watermelon Salad, mozzarella cream, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. Despite sounding incredibly odd on paper, the dish had a resonating voice, and a sweet one at that, as it melds the collaborative efforts of cool watermelon with the briny springiness of fresh buffalo mozzarella overhead.


Come Wednesday, Bochinche celebrates hump day with Provoleta Wednesdays - serving up free flow of their signature Provoleta cheese paired with Argentine wines during happy hour from 5 30pm - 7 30pm. That is not to say that you should go crazy, because.. how many of these indulgent individuals can you stomach. Read about it here and be reminded that you have to dig into this fast as "the liquid gold seizes up into a salacious mess when cold"

Objections from the well-rounded tummy ensues as we pile on the dishes. The small plates seemingly working wonders in cajoling happy appetites and food lusting around the table. The Iberico Cold Cuts features a healthy selection of lomo, chorizo and shoulder aged for a solid 30 months - great for sharing as are the Empanadas.

Broken down into a modest collection of Braised hand cut beef, Braised lamb shoulder and the vegetarian option of mozzarella. These hot pockets of pleated pastry do bear an uncanny resemblance to our local curry puffs albeit for a heartier crust that's a little more frugal with the butter situation. The light shone instead on the expertly cooked fillings - my favourite - hands down, the plain mozzarella Empanada with onions, tomatoes and basil. You don't have to dig deep to enjoy oozing cheese stuffed in freshly baked pastry.

From the hot section of the small plates comes the Caramelized Pork Belly, Grilled Prawns, sweet potato and chorizo. Pork Belly glistening from its bath in a sweet reduction, set below a curled up grilled prawn; it's surf and turf references translating into something that is both homey and spectacular. The buttery sweet potato puree grounds the dish with its earthy roots, forcing one to entertain unfathomable days of illness spent without this simple treat. 

The Squid, Iberico Ham and Lime Risotto isn't exactly the best conversation starter in the dining room, think dashes of ominous black over jubilant grins. So unless you're tagging with a partner who attempts to squeeze your zits, then you might want to reconsider this dish. There is nothing glamorous about the glories of squid ink risotto, but you'll be rewarded with something extraordinary should you relent. You are left alone to revel in the soft grains, to mix in the crispy onion against lime lifted risotto, and to imagine anything you like. I imagined Captain Nemo expression as he dug into this dish twenty thousand leagues under the sea. priceless.

Have space for one more. Hold for the dessert, but before that, choose the Ox Tongue, salted egg, salsa verde and parmesan foam. The adventurous would be rewarded with a bewildering mash-up that is likely to produce altered states of consciousness. I went bug-eyed over the thin silvers of ox tongue, its robust yet silky traits coaxed out by laborious cooking methods, then further enhanced by a cloud of parmesan foam, genial blobs of salted egg and a slightly spicy salsa verde. Definitely a glamorous way to present the rather grotesque portion of the cow.

Wind down the night with some desserts. Bochinche's selection of treats are sure to please the sweet tooths and in particular those who have a penchant for sour things. The Bochinche 'Mess' for example highlights a champagne and strawberry sorbet that is lovely in its pristine state, but even better besmirched by shards of meringue broken off the overhanging teepee and a rich lemon curd that flanks the bowl. For something a little more substantial, opt for the Milk Cake - its succinct arrangement shining the light on the humble tres leche cake, the seductively lush passionfruit sorbet sidekick, no less intriguing. 

For a delightful meal experience, you can count on Bochinche being a reliable choice. I shall be back for the amazing Chimichurri Steak Burger... just you wait and see.

22 Martin Road
t: 6235 4990

Operating Hours:
Tues - Thurs: 5 30pm - 12am
Fri: 5 30 pm - 1am
Sat: 11am - 4 30pm, 5 30pm - 1 am
Sun: 11am - 4 30pm, 5 30pm - 12am
Mon: Closed

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