Hard Rock Cafe (Sentosa): World Burger Tour

Hard Rock Cafe has officially kicked off the World Burger tour right here in Singapore! To commemorate the start of the burger season, Hard Rock Cafe will be offering for a limited time only -  a menu exclusive to their Sentosa outlet.

What better way to celebrate World Burger Month than with legendary burgers from all around the world right? This June, three burgers from New York, Chicago and San Francisco will join a local favourite to tempt and tantalize your tastebuds.

At the heart of every burger is a quality patty. The Hard Rock Cafe doesn't cut and corners in ensuring that premium grade meat is served straight to you. All 4 burgers have certified Angus beef patties, grilled medium well so that you get full flavor and juiciness in every single bite.

The first contender, which also happen to be my favourite: The Big Little Italy Burger from New York.One look at this bad boy and you know it's gonna be a winner. The beef patty is topped with melted mozzarella, pepperoni and sauteed mushrooms. And just to take things to the next level, breaded cheese sticks are thrown into the whole shebang. All the familiar tastes of pizza now take burger form in an ultimate fusion of your favourite cheat day eats! If you are anything like me, this could very well be your next secret indulgence.

Up next, we have Chicago Giardiniera Deli Burger. The beef patty is joined by melted provolone, sliced roast beef, red peppers and giardiniera (translation: pickled carrots, onion and celery radish) I would say that this is a pretty unique burger, with the piquant tang of the giardiniera stealing the show. I also loved the smoky sweetness that the charred red bell peppers added to the dish!

And here from San Francisco, we have the Golden Gate Burger. The forerunner of taste in this case is the salami, with the other components pretty much fading into the background. I guess if you like your burgers dead simple, this would be a burger for you. Personally I would much prefer a diversity of flavor. Another issue percolates as the proclaimed sourdough was in reality more soft sandwich bread than its claimed identity - a totally let-down for me. Also the logic of a round patty on rectangular buns, pays homage to the origins of burgers but left lots of empty space at the edges which doesn't seem very sound for consumption. This burger has the potential to be outstanding, but some fine tuning is definitely due.

Last but certainly not least, the Satay Burger from our very own sunny shores. It may not be as pleasing on the eye as the rest, but rest assured that this baby does us proud. The trusty patty covered in a lavish peanut sauce, with refreshing crunch from some cucumber pieces. This delightful reconstruction of a local favourite would be one to be reckoned with if only it had more of that peanut sauce!

Behind every successful burger there stands a great bunch of fries. It does without saying that the established Hard Rock Cafe has mastered the art of making the perfect side-kicks to your burger: think golden brown, crispy and well-seasoned thick cut fries plus some dipping siracha mayo, you simply can't refuse.

There are some people that swear by the Classic Nachos, and I am definitely one of those people. A quintessential part of any Hard Rock Cafe experience, these fully loaded tortilla chips were heaped high with a three bean mix, layered with Monterey jack and Cheddar cheese and crowned with salsa, jalapenos, green onions and a dollop of sour cream. Trust me, they are super addictive and you sure can't stop at one. (Worth. every. single. calorie)

The Hard Rock Cafe sure pulls out all the stops when it comes to complementing their main course offerings. Only from 1st to 30th June, guests can order some pretty mean cocktails with the suggested burger pairing or mix it up with any other burger from the limited-time only menu.

These drinks not only add some vivid color the the scene, bur really take your meal up a few notches as well. Take your pick from the full-bodied and tropical All Jacked UP, the zest and sweet Crisp Sipper, the fruit-forward Melonpalooza, the prickly Sweet and Fiery and the non-alcoholic fizzy Black Cherry Melonade.

Feel like you can't eat no more? Well, you know hat they say: there's always room for dessert! It was so hard deciding between the two that we ended up with both the Hard Rock Mudpie and Hot Fudge Brownie.

The Mudpie was a sticky, chewy concoction of rich chocolate and creamy coffee ice cream. Absolute decadence with a cookie crumb crust and toasted almond slices on top, having this felt as substantial as eating a whole cake! Not to be outshone, the Hot fudge Brownie was certainly its counterpart equal in sinfulness. More cakey than fudgy in texture, the fresh homemade brownie was served with whipped cream and vanilla Haagen-Dazs in an irresistibly divine combination.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this burger bonanza. While I think that some burgers could use some reworking and amping up, there's just something about the energetic music-filled ambiance at this iconic restaurant that makes dining here an experience in itself. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to get messy for a Hard Rocking good time.

Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway
#01-209 - 214
The Forum
t: 6795 7454

Operating Times:
Mon - Sun: 11am - 1am
(last food order: 10 30pm daily)

Written and Photographer by Jordan Ong. Jordan finds happiness in the simple: to eat and drink and find satisfaction in all her toil. Besides a deep love for artisan bread, she also has a taste for adventure, activism and anything alternative.

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