Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro @ Sentosa Cove: 4th World Oyster Festival

It's that time of the year again for Greenwood Fish Market's 4th World Oyster Festival!

Having attend the previous year's session, expectations for this years round up were sky high, spurred on even more by the prospects of new grounds at Quayside Isle where the balmy seaside breeze fortifies the need for more seafood!

The new Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro at Sentosa Cove features a light and airy set-up. Walls are dealt away with and instead, the longish restaurant boosts a mix of al-fresco and indoor seatings tinted in muted shades of blue, marbled wood and silver accents. Hosting a mini market place on its peripherals, the shelves are stocked with decently priced wines, dry produce and chunks of handsome looking fish perfect to indulge in a little kitchen experimentation with.

But what you're really gunning for are the oysters. Especially so, this time of year when Greenwood Fish Market brings in 20+ different oysters, each with its unique characteristics to be enjoyed fresh and unadulterated.  The World Oyster Festival lasts about a month from 1st - 31st July'2016 and is held at both it's first outlet as well as the newly minted Quayside Isle branch to grant more people the opportunity to sample the varieties they have to offer.

A good oyster needs no distraction and all you're presented with are hacked open oysters with a whole bunch of lemon quarters. Tabasco is optional and highly discouraged in the state of its' freshness. For those who aren't particularly familiar with oysters; here's a little snippet of information to get those taste buds revved up. Similar to fine wine, oysters inherit a complexity of flavors depending on its base variety, regions of water is it reared in as well as harvesting methods. As a result, oysters can vary greatly in terms of being salty, briny, buttery, metallic or even nutty.

Recently, I had the opportunity of luxuriating in 12 different varieties and here are a couple of my favourites.
  • New Zealand Pacific Rock Oyster - Delicate and Creamy with a subtle sweet finish

  • Sentinelles Speciale - Semi sweet and salty varietal with a high meat ratio of 12-15%. Great for those who love to chow down on oysters instead of slurping it down.

  • Gillardeau No.7 - upon close observance, you'll come to realize that each and every shell has the letter 'G' etched out at the corner. That's dedication to product branding right there. Having been moved through 4 salt marshes, the flavor profile develops like wine. The morsel embodies a hazelnut aroma with a hint of spicy sweetness in its realms
  • Kumamoto - These small but power-packed oysters are chock full of flavor and concludes with a sweet honeydew finish on the palate

  • Belon "OOO" - Biege, and not entirely appealing in appearance, these Belon "OOO"s are deemed the black horses and are particularly uplifting after various over-briny experiences. Creamy with an intense hazelnut wrap-up.

  • Brittany Specials - Superb. These first approach the palate as slightly metallic with tangs of steel and later develop into a complex map of flavor profiles. Best with a glass of Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse

If you're lucky enough, do splurge on Bluefin Tuna. Air flown in straight from Tsukiji market and portioned out in various degrees of fattiness. This is one platter to die for.

Note that AMEX cardholders get to enjoy a tasting platter of $99.00++ with a variety of 7 oysters in pairs (total 14pcs) during the Oyster Festival running from this Friday onwards (1st - 31st July). What's better? Order a 2nd dozen and get to enjoy 50% off that!

Greenwood Fish Market
Quayside Isle 
Sentosa Cove
t: 6262 0450

No.34 Greenwood Avenue
t: 6467 4950

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