Famous JB101 Firewokz - Simple Zi-char Dishes Done With a Flourish Are The Order of The Day.

Betcha never think I would be reviewing a Tze-Char stall, but a whole slew of Italian and Thai eats have got me lusting after some familiar flavors. Lugging myself from spreadsheet designed outlets to concept driven "fast casual", forever cramping joyless food into my blighted face, eating, boating, never satisfied. Then along comes this gem, introduced by the least suspecting foodie member of the family (satiated by just a sandwich diet on a daily basis) - my mum, and it took my palate by force. No outlandish fare, no need for allowances; the end result was something like 4 happy bellies rolled into a car crooning to the tunes of Greenday.

Helmed by Chef Lim Ah Meng formerly of Restoran See Hai at Taman Sentosa in Johor Bahru; the food here is conservative, nostalgic and offers several blasts from the past. Wind down your Sunday night (or Monday night in the case of the long weekend) in this cavernous eatery tucked away inconspicuously between several high-rised industrial buildings in Bukit Batok. Nights are naturally breezy so don't be petrified of reeking like a grease trap after.

All suspicions fled the moment the first dish touched our tables. The Four Heavenly Kings ($10) parrots a gang of my favourite greens - brinjal, ladies fingers, french bean and petai given the royal wok treatment. Spicy enough to tease my freshly awakened jaded taste buds, it got me revved up for whats to come.

And the next dish did not disappoint.

Robustly flavoured with seafood broth and powered by crispy lard bits, this $6 platter of Signature La-La White Bee Hoon is a treasure trove of ingredients and you'll be spoilt by meaty clams and chunks of tender squid amidst swathes of silken scrambled eggs. Wildly underrated, the Prawn Paste Chicken ($8/$12/$15) may be a little dated and incredibly derivative for tze-char fare; but pardon me, I MUST! Fine, so these succulent joints do not deserve to be rhapsodised, but its blistered crumbed exterior still retaining alluringly succulent innards are a sure-win treat with a cold coffeeshop beer.

The Nan Ru Pork Belly may not be positioned as a star dish, but it is still my idea of heaven on earth. It takes the odd cliche of a standard pork belly and delivers a mesmerising spread of golden caramelised thick slices that will have you squabbling with your siblings over, despite the civilities and formal rules established. The solid rendition infused with flavors of fermented beancurd takes center stage and you ditch your diet in favour of repeat prescription.

Never have I trudged to a family dinner so dutifully only to exit at the other end, quite so starry eyed and evangelical.

Famous JB101 Firewokz
21 Bukit Batok Crescent WCEGA Tower
t: 9695 9692

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 12am
Sun: 5pm - 11pm

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