Limehouse: Date Night Solved.

It's been a good year for the business of libations and cocktail bars spanning our local shores. Singapore has really come into its own in the bar world, capturing six spots in this year's "World's 50 Best Bars" list, third to perennial cocktail capitals London and New York. One things for sure, the locals thirst for cocktails is insatiable. We might have our staid, workaholic way of life to blame, but that just makes the lure of a kooky libation after work, irresistible. Who's with me?

And with drinks, there must be food. If you're looking for a place that does stellar cocktails accompanied with tasty nosh, here's one to add to your list: Limehouse, a Caribbean style drinking den that will have you attempting to salsa at the end of your rum-filled dinner experience.

Unlike most bars, there are no bar-side seating here - all the better to spread the ensemble of crazy Caribbean dishes you're about to order. But first, grab a libation or two - the chilled vibes here are definitely conducive of feeding the vice. I would recommend the Morris ($23), a convivial mix of Appleton 12 YO, cinnamon syrup and fresh coconut water. It does have hydrating effects after all, so that makes it good for you? Pardon me, the next drink is clouding my judgement. That would have to be the Rum Negroni ($22) made with Appleton signature blend, Campari and punt e Mes, a lethal concoction with a bitterness that takes an accustomed palate to appreciate. This, however is quintessential in setting the tone for the slew of assertive flavors about to take place in a bit.

Not to be confused with the many establishments that churn out modern (aka fusion) interpretations of cultured cuisine, Limehouse sticks to its Caribbean roots with fierce intent. The dish in which this is the most evident is the Jerk Chicken Skewers ($20). The kitchen isn't mucking around when they marinate their meats, the perfectly char-grilled morsels imploding on the palate with the force of a thousand suns the moment it greets your tongue. The spice mix is haunting and complex, this is pacified by toppings of tangy salsa.

Certain dishes are more drink friendly, wonderful companions to a refreshing mule for example. But most certainly everything on the small plates menu make for very addictive bites. I love the Oistins Sea Basket ($20) - an ultra sinful basket of blackened spice crumbed calamari (fried squid) flanked by a sambal tartar sauce. It may not be the freshest, but that spice from the basket accompanying the slightly chewy morsels is transportive. I ordered myself another Rum Old Fashioned. #sorrynotsorry.

If you're sticking around for a bigger dinner, balance a mix of small plates with a heartier large plate aka sharing portion of stew or curry. The Oxtail ($36) is braised till it falls off the bone just with the gentle poke of the fork. Prepared masterfully via a twice cooking method, the natural jus when drizzled over spiced rice results in an explosion of spices both blinding and incendiary. Order the Tribajam curry goat ($29) if you've still got room. But what you'll really want to do is to get a round of Rum shots. That works just fine too.

2 Jiak Chuan Road
t: 6222 3130

Operating Hours:
Tues - Sat: 5pm - 12am

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