Pastaria Abate: Good times for both the wallet and the finicky eaters

Now that we're in the thick of Singapore Cocktail Festival. Here is a word to the wise. Make sure to line the stomachs before hitting up those bars. #DrinkResponsibly.

And in case you're looking for something easy on the wallet in and around the bar hot spots that will leave you more liquid funds for later, here's a gem of a suggestion - Pastaria Abate on Craig Road, where fresh pastas made daily are emphasised and every table is vacated with empty plates. It's a tell tale sign that there is pedigree here and the crowds flocking in on a Thursday night is living proof.

The space delivers nostalgia and kitsch in spades, from wooden planks with laminated specials, scribblings on hanging blackboards and water glasses filling in as red wine vessels. This isn't the place for the high minded and despite the severely understaffed situation (1 waitress attending to the entire restaurant), service was breezy and personable.

You might want to start with some appetisers. The Portobello Fries ($8.80) is a generous heap of potato wedges impersonators, each chunk wielding a meaty bite injected a stronger narrative with the aid of seasoned breading. It's revelation level stuff, and just reminiscing about this snackage edges me further into voracious territory. Jumbo Meatballs ($3.80) are earnest yet fashionably austere; splodge on lifeless white plates instead of a bowl. Fried Mozzarella ($6.80) calls for a party of four, in our circumstance, it rushed a date night into a full-fledged dirty stringy situation all in a bid to avoid lifeless cold cheese pucks that may occur in a matter of minutes. Supposedly pepped up by a side flanking of strawberry sauce, I would advice against swirling your golden chunks through this.

With egg pastas made fresh daily, this combined with a multitude of dried and speciality pasta options further convoluted by 18 sauce choices (categorised into red, white and wine, cream based) will appease the most discerning of diners. I greeted the menu with more bewilderment than I did enthusiasm; seeing that decisiveness isn't my strong suit.

After navigating the menu, we settled for the Italian Sausage Pappardelle ($12.80) for him and the Martini Grilled Pork ($15.80) for me. One bite in and it affirmed my suspicions... Pastaria Abate thrives on mere fact that it elevates familiar dishes through mastery of detail while keeping firm control of its pricing. The pasta was tender, and flavorful. Mellowed and made soulful by the sharpness of the fresh tomatoes in the marinara sauce. Nuggets of pan-fried Italian Sausage suggest random jolts of herbs and salt that perk up the homey dish. Simplicity is key in Grilled pork dish and here the lick of the flames hold its own against the sticky sweetness of the martini glaze. Perfectly done with a nice chew in the center and a gorgeous crust - it's a kind of perfection that can take a minute for the mind to process.

With plenty of space, a smart and concise menu that's handled with care and an unpretentious vibe, Pastaria Abate is a goer. The food is anchored in some sense of authenticity and food mavericks looking to guard their bottom dollar - go wild.

Pastaria Abate
43 Craig Road
Reservations: Chope

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am  - 11 30pm

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