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Lazy Weekend.

ahh.. finally a slow and unhurried weekend tts comes by once in a blue moon. Pushing aside the hectic tuition schedule, i had the fortune of spending the weekend at a rather luxurious pace, dedicate more time to the family as well as to myself... as rare as it is, i treated it lyke a real treat. time to put my weary soul to rest.

the weekend came of to a fine start with the family journeying to the east to ecp for some cycling/rollerblading and of course just plain lazing ard (i chose the latter of course!), and settled down to reading a good book whilst sipping on my coffee at mcafe. *yumz*.. best way to spend a lovely morning.

its been ages since i've had the time to spend my sat mornings leisurely.. and trust me, after this experience, i wldn't mind spending it the same every sat! haha. but oh well, life goes on yar. haha.
East coast park was at the hype of all hustle and bustle with every sq foot being occupied by people doing all sorts of activities. Probably pple lyke me, trying to find some peace and relaxation from the work and weekdays. pity there aren't too many places to head to during the weekends for chilling out so it all ends up in bottlenecks at all the 'hot-spots' around the certain destinations every weekend.

seee.. violent genes coming from mummy. don't blame me yar!

After congregating again after fulfilling the multitude of activities, the family had lunch together at waruku east coast branch. warning: if u're thinking of dining at waruku, pls avoid the east coast branch. but if not possible then pls refrain from ordering their raw foods. (take note of the unfresh tuna they use in their tuna maki below.. EWWW!)

the rest of the foods served up were still acceptable so remember.. pls heed my warnings!!! for good japanese food, pls head elsewhere. perhaps i shld make other recommendations soon...
what else cld i do on a weekend? BAKE! lyke duh.. *rolls eyes*... this time, i did the Apple Almond Tart from the gorgeous book 'Just Desserts' by Daniel Tay. the tart turned up beautifully from the oven with the crisp fan array of apples golden brown and softened to an almost caramelised stage. the thick aroma of baked apples wafting thru the entire house. hehe.. poor kor kor and mummy had to sniff their way to certain 'highness' as they were not allowed to savor the tart. tts becoz i baked it for the gathering at Pingting's house together with a bunch of Aero mates.
at the gathering, we had the taste test after which i declared the tart... wonderful. the excessive amount of almond meal used adding to the fragrance and nuttiness of the entire dessert. i especially enjoyed the nutty crunch with every mouthful. not to mention the granny smith apples used were so tart tt they served as an excellent contrast to the sweet pastry and innards. this recipe is definitely a keeper!
just when i thought i cld settle for the satisfaction of having baked it once in a weekend, i did it a record twice in 2 days! due to excessive demand... hmph.. make tt more of complaints from the family. I baked another tart the next day for mummy and kor who were dying to get a taste of the terribly anticing tart. well, i'm glad to say tt they enjoyed it loads. and so did i, the baking process. In the meantime, i baked a carrot cake with orange cream cheese for orders as well. Baking.. ahhh.. wat a joy!
Sunday night was spent with Babe, we went down to ikea to purchase some stuff. mainly wine glasses for babe. then later we settled on heading to Bistro One Zero Three at west coast road for dinner. A place tt i long wanted to try... the food was SPECTACULAR. reviews and photos will come again soon as i'm definitely patronising the shop again. hehe. so dun worrie. good food is meant to be shared right?

thanks babe for the treat!

now for another music video treat... Ashanti's 'The way that I love you'

After all of the times that we tried,

I found out we were livin a lie

And after all of this love that we made,

I Know Now you don't love me the same

click here if u wanna hear the HQ version

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