never ending eating spree!

its the weekend. wat do you do?
you go on an eating spree!!!

warning: this is a subjective choice on my part so please do not heed this advice and gorge yourself every wkend lest you end up a stuffed pig in the end.

weekends.. most pple wld look forward to this time of the week because it means more freedom, more relaxation time and definitely more time to idle... but as usla, i'm one of the rarest of all breeds. Someone who dreads the weekend for its non-stop back-busting action and its dire state of mind it brings along with it gloomy arrival.

However, as much as i dread weekends. This one turned out to be not so bad after all... perhaps it was the gourmet cusine involved. Baking preceeded on at a blinding speed. With cakes being churned out everyday of from friday to sunday. cupcakes, frosting, chocolate cake, cheesecake. Gawd.. and i thought that i could perhaps experiment with bread on Sunday. FAT HOPE!

Instead, i was whizzed off on a culinary journey. Good food galore! to sum it all up, Japanese buffet dinner on Saturday and yummy fish meals with wicked desserts on Sunday night. Good enough to cure the incoming bombardment of monday blues.

Saturday's Japanese buffet was served up at Akira Japanese Restaurant off tiong bahru road. Situated at the basement of a rather dingy looking hotel, i would have never considered coming here for a japanese meal if my mother had not suggested it. So off we went!

It was pure madness and different dishes; sashimi, tempura, beef terriyaki, salmon teppanyaki poured through the doors of our private room. The frustration of the staff were imminent as they were baffled by the larger than life appetites that our family had acquired.

food was just mediocre with nothing to shout about. at least the pricing was reasonable and paying 30+ (taxes inclusive) for an all you can eat ala carte buffet was definitely not too hefty a price to pay.

okay, no we zoom on to the next culinary experience of the week. gawd.. surely i've got to have alife besides all the food. haha. *fast forwardingggg*


hey wait a min.. isn't tt? oh yeh.. tts not some food item on the menu. just a cupcake order i had for the weekend. White chocolate chip strawberry cupcakes and caramel banana cupcakes for a bf. now.. tt spells SWEET! *cross my fingers* Hope he enjoyed it...

sunday was dedicated to fish as we visted Hooked, a resturant located along rail mall. Just a stone throws down from where i live. It's rather strange how we haven't got down to trying their food ever since they open shopped about 2 yrs ago, even more so despite the raving reviews.

When we got there, it was rather late already and with rumbling stomachs, me, mummy and kor scanned through the menus. digesting its content and its colorful layout. there was just too much on the menu! woah.. this place definitely scores on variety! no fried items here... the fishes cooked in all different ways completed with descriptions are just enough to make anyone drool...

orite, so lets skip the talk now and let the photos do the talking yeh. First up...

Salmon tapas (salmon cooked to perfection with a stroke of pink) served up with cream and a sprinkling of salmon roe on a wheat cracker. -- This was AWESOME man! such succulence in the fish...

mummy's seafood marinara... look at the amount of ingredients they've thrown in! now tts sure worth a try!

and finally my fish en papilloute! fish in a foil parcel steamed in its own juices and a excellent pairing of lemon, garlic and pesto. Divine!

and as everyone knows, dinner is never complete without dessert. So, with under my persuasion, we headed on down to galbati just two shops down to have our lovely sweet endings! Tiramisu for Kor (i dare say its still the best one that i've tried anywhere else) and a cripsy chocolate mint mousse cake between mum and I. *groanz* (not from the pleasure of eating but from the heaving of my stomach from the excessive eating). Still, we wiped out the desserts with gusto down to the crisp flakes on the plate. It was just all too good!!!

With that, i mark the end of my weekend culinary journey. So long my lovely forks and spoons and welcome track shoes. *boo hoo*.. the price you have to pay.. bleah.

on a side note: I just heard the news from the secretary, apparently the MD liked the mango marshmellows so much that he took two pieces home for his wife!!! *cheers*.. now i've got to make more the next time round.

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