Will I be the bread winner?

Bring home da' dough!

well, as promised. here is my first attempt at bread making. Oh boi.. judging from the looks of it. it was a reallie reallie weak attempt *tsk tsk*. hey.. give me a break yeh! kneading the dough with your bare hands isn't exactly child's play yeh? that's probably why bread makers are more often than not, Men.. attribute it to their genetically stronger prowess and limbs strength. *groanz*..

on the bright side, at least the chocolate swirl effect turned out quite well. hmph, my sweat-bearing efforts payed off a little at least... The bread poofed up beautifully after the 1st poofing, but due to my inexperience, i guess it just wasn't enough hence leading to a slightly chewy loaf. mummy liked it though, she has one of the strangest taste i have ever come across. Give her something that i think is perfect in my opinion and she shuns it. Give her an inferior product and she wipes it out. *ponders*... i wonder why... haha.

Nonetheless, this marks my first step out of my comfort zone of cakes, cupcakes and cheese. Its time to bring home da dough peeps!

Be sure that I'll be baking lots more bread items to come. All made with my trusty hands of course though i'm seriously contemplating getting a bread-maker just to ease the process. We'll see...

meanwhile, keep the orders coming in yar. Coz i love baking for you guys! *woots*..

An order by a lady for her friend who is turning 21. Oreo cupcakes in the color palette; red, white and pink. Now its a bit bimbotic i knoe.. but ain't it sweet! ... i wonder what does the '1021' mean though. Well, customers first. so no questions ask, just do it

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