Whisk:Bakery & Cafe

Sweet fix: Whisk: Bakery & Cafe

and so my sweet tooth led me to this place...


after having passed by the place on two occasions to stop by the shop next door swirl gelateria to grab a cup of icecream. darn my gluttony. but i must admit the mascarpone geleto is delici-ous! and you must try it if you're in the vicinity. Forget about island creamery! give a chance to this store instead!. i digress.

Okay, returning back to the point of me..no.. i reviewing whisk. Yes.. situated in the less popular crown centre along Bukit Timah road, the little bakery and cafe seemed to recieve little attention despite the many 'full houses' in the resturants nearby. With it's alarmingly red 'finger' cushion chairs and subtle black outlinings, it proved to be a cosy place for a cup of coffee and a dainty pastry to go along. Having passed by here before, i distinctly remember the 3-D Gucci Bag modelled cake in the display window the last time. That was enough to make me come back again, even if to appease my curiousity with regards to the quality of cakes they served up in the tiny eatery.

During my 2nd visit, the cake was gone. However, the other desserts in the were alluring enough with their fanciful chocolate decorations, fans, ruffles, transfer patterns, gold sprinkles and all. The lady staff, whom i reckon could have been one of the operating managers approached us and gave a thorough explanation of the components of the cakes available. In the end, after some tough brain wrecking, my bf and I ordered the autumn passion ( a combination of chocolate and coffee) , a cappuccino and a watermelon juice.


We then proceeded to the sofa seats and settled down with the accompaniment of a fine selection of magazines provided by the cafe. The orders soon arrived. ahh.. coffee.. i relented. The watermelon juice was excellent and very fresh as reviewed by the boyfried. And the cake.. hmph.. how should i put it.. *pondering*..

It was excellent. The deep dark flavor of chocolate in the mousse was heightened by the addition of coffee. Tiny details such as the gold-powdered coffee beans helped to provide an insight to the dessert, the tempered chocolate ball that topped the dessert together with the honey-combed like chocolate biscuit that crowned the cake provided excellent textural contrast to the gentle mousse. The best thing happened when we hit the middle of the cake. What was that? we had struck liquid gold!!! Dark chocolate sauce flavored with hints of coffee liquor encased in a chocolate shell dangling in mid-mousse heaven. How ingenious! and boy was it good.

Now i'm just contemplating going down again soon to try the rest of their creations.. *chuckles*

Whisk: Bakery & Cafe

557 Bukit Timah Road, #01-12/13

Crown Centre

Singapore 269694

Tel: 6465 0438

Website: http://www.whiskcake.com/

Opening hours: 9am - 3am


Flourchild said...

Hey you!
What a lovely bakery. I adore your description of it..from the really cool red chairs to the liquid gold drizzling out of your cake! You made my mouth water and Im thinking a trip to Singapore would be nice! I wonder how far it is from Idaho!? Your blog gives me a chance to look and learn about a place I could only dream of visiting! Thank you..your amazing.

SiHaN said...

flourchild: thanks michelle. though Idaho sounds like a pretty far away place. I would like to see more of it thru your eyes though! Must be a really lovely place to live.

ladyironchef said...

serious, there's such a bakery at crown centre? i nv notice it! okay, its on my radar. haha

SiHaN said...

yes! i think its rather new anyway. you should go down and try it someday. they open till so late somemore!! added bonus. hehe.

Fen said...

Hi Sihan,
For a moment, I thought you went to Ricciotti... This cake mysteriously resembles Morbida... Have alook at my picture...


SiHaN said...

fen: oh gosh! looks like there has been some serious breach of copyright appearing here. It looks and sounds exactly the same! the only difference was the mossy green velvety texture on the cake applied by the pistolet (as i was told by Evan).

wow.. you sure have gone far and wide for your cakes! i wanna come along! hehe. maybe you should plan your next cake outing and count me in! hehe.

Fen said...

Haha, in fact your description fits Ricciotti's Morbida...

I don't really have a cake outing, once I spotted my target, I will drag Yuan along... Just like Friday... I rushed to Patissier after work, picked up my cakes, ate it at Maxwell and headed down to Waffletown...

Why not you let me know when you and Evan are free, I think I should be able to accomodate :)

SLYuan said...

You are right, Never seen 2 cakes that are so similar. Especially if they are from different shops. The only difference is the green pointed out by sihan but it could be due to lighting.

SiHaN said...

fen: that sounds like a great idea. Moreover we've got a mini exchange to be carried out btw evan and I. Right Evan dear? we'll let you know. and do update when you've got a new target spotted. I'll ask Evan for her opinions too!

SLYuan: i'm serious! they were green! like a lush green velvety grass patch... unless i'm color blind of course.. *groanz*.