Blogshop: for the cutest studs and necklaces!

Just a little special for my readers out there. Read carefully if you're suffering from some hardcore shopping cravings!

I've recently made purchases from Yellow Pie Hole . (do please check out their site.) Open their webpage and I'm sure the whimsical little carvings and pendants will put a smile on your face. Take for instance the little dinosaur pendant! my gosh.. how cute! Pair that off with a plain tee top and you're set the rock the town!

Another plus point is the incredibly patient owner who kindly attended to my requests when some minor mishaps occured during the course of delivery. Kudos to her!

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So if you gurls out there are bored of the normal dangly earrings, then do go down to their website to purchase some lovelies and make a statement (literally.. with those speech bubble earrings). haha.

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