Happy National Day

Happy Birthday Singapore

Macarons and brownie bites 025

All of a sudden, I wished I had reproduced a dozen macarons in a vivid splash of red and white instead of the platter of earthy greens above. On a side note, Happy 44th Birthday Singapore. Aside from the fact that you've stolen my boyfriend away for some wretched duty for the past few weeks, I'm still grateful and almost inspired by the spectacular parade at the Marina Bay. I love Singapore!

To all those taken a precious rest day today... would you like a macha macaron with dark chocolate ganache? or maybe a dozen?

Macarons and brownie bites 024

and hopefully, new flavors would be born soon. Just soon after I deal with all that durian flesh stuck in my freezer. heh. For now, all I yearn for a cup of freshly brewed cinnamon accented tea and a pillow.


Anonymous said...

Your macarons look gorgeous!

SiHaN said...

Jillbert: why thank you! still got much to learn of course!

Anonymous said...

Your macarons look perfect. I love the flavor combo.

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Those are macaron perfection!

April said...

Those are gorgeous! I'm sure the ganache was beyond delicious.