my darn phone has been playing punk on me, not a very convenient time given my three tiered job on a daily basis. Displaying a non-existant reception bar everywhere from my hilltop home to the open domain of Ang mo kio. I reckon it's dead. How infuriating.

I admit to being a very circumstantially dependent person. In times of crisis, give me a hand and I'll probably take it with a with bared teeth, fangs showing and all. Why circumstantially then, well, because it depends on who's hand extends across those steel bars into the sinister realms of the wolf's lair. Mine actually. And truth be it that I've always been almost a little disturbingly dependent on the boyfriend. Leaning on him boost my act in peril situations and throwing silly tantrums when things don't turn out the way I want them too. Immature, yes I do admit to that being one my personal traits. But at the end of the day, I know one thing for sure... I cannot do without him. And despite it bringing down the walls of my brave facade, I am almost a little helpless not having him around.

Precious weekends are all that we have left. Still shrouded by varying activities, mostly mine of course. Baking, tuitions and a multitude of sins (Sundays are rest days and days for worship as decreed by God) on Sundays have prevented me from spending enough time with him; Now i seriously doubt my choices.

precious weekends

Weekends spent feeding the insatiable appetite of the army deprieved boyfriend has brought me into a new level appreciation of food. No more being a food snob. Now, let's talk quantity. haha. Sometimes I wished that we had 3 days of weekend instead of the meagre 2. well, we all know that beggars can't be chosers...


On a seperate note, I am still silently grateful to all my customers, both the regulars and the influx of newbies this month for keeping my passion fuelled. All your kind words and encouragements have gone a long way. Thank you!

finally, for all you romantics out there. Here's a cover of Babyface's 'Everytime I close my eyes'

Everytime I think of it
I pinch myself cause
I don't believe it's true
that someone like you
loves me too.

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