Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang: Facelifts

Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang has recently introduced its revamped storefront and a brand new dining concept complete with a fresh line-up of signature dishes. We got first dips and here's our verdict, to better aid you in navigating the intimidating spread.

For starters, dive straight into the Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Prawn Hokkien Mee. A luxed up version of the perennial local favourite, the glorious lobster and fresh prawn perched on top a bed of moist al dente noodles definitely does whet the appetite for more.

I would advise you to make a pit stop for the Shrimp Paste Chicken if you catch it being refilled with a fresh batch. Piping hot straight out off the fryer and handsomely arranged, the flavors in these are legitimately authentic. 

Here at Sakura, the aim is to bring gourmands on an all around the world food journey. Hence, available cuisines include Thai, French, American and the ever popular Japanese. They also have a D-I-Y Noodles station as part of the local entourage, for those seeking a little hands-on action. Laksa or a good bowl of Yong Tau Foo anybody?

Just take my advice and choose your stuff with more discernment than uncontrolled enthusiasm please. The last thing we want on our hands is food wastage. And with that, I kindly suggest you to stay away from the HK section, most of the dim sum selection underwhelming and unloved. All except the Liu Sha Bao of course which by itself can prove to be a major draw factor for buffet go-ers.

Another section you might want to pass up is the USA sector. There's no doubting this was put in place with lofty aims of pleasing the kids, and in all honesty, it just might work. However, if you are a parent with a vigilant watch over your child's diet, then please heed my advice. Oversweetened bottled sauces and average deep fried and fatty foods are completely unnecessary. 

Instead, steer yourself towards to Salad Bar & Seafood Station where a fine flourish of fresh seafood greets the hungry diner. Yes, in fact, it would be wisest to plant your ass flagrantly in front of this section. The Argentine Red Prawns and plump Oysters, so fresh that they need little garnish to make a huge impact on the palate.

Boston Lobster & Argentine Red Prawn Hokkien Mee

Another Dinner special is the Shabu Shabu, with a good selection of Hiroshimi Oysters, sliced beef and undeniably fresh Argentine Prawn. Despite the lack of flavor in the broth provided, this clearly gets forgotten with the attractive shades of grays and cream that take a cheeky skinny dip in its hot pool. 

Have a sweet tooth? Sakura attends to those hankerings with its signature Chocolate Lava Cake with Belgian Chocolate Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. A conjugal bliss of rich, ooey goey baked chocolate meets another titan of frigid cold chocolate flavors resulting in a smack-down of sensory pleasures. I assure you won't stop at just two mouthfuls.

The Liu Sha Bao may not be the best I've had ever but given that there are free flow with the buffet, I must admit that they are definitely worth its weight in gold. Beguiling pristine white on the outside, plunge into it and be rewarded with a burst of salted egg yolk custard residing sneakily within. I could have snuck a dozen if I weren't so stuffed already on seafood.

So there you have it, the lowdown on the good, the bad and the ugly at Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang. Prices schemes are pretty reasonable ranging from $17.90++ for lunch to $33.90++ for dinner on the weekends; Senior Citizens get an additional discount on the above mentioned prices; and a good point to note is that they are halal certified, making it a perfect location for office parties or gatherings!

Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang
210 Ang Mo Kio Ave 9
Yio Chu Kang Stadium
S(569 777)
t: 6754 8197

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11 30am - 3pm, 5 30pm - 10pm
Sat -Sun: 11am - 3pm; 5 30pm - 10pm

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