Do.Main Bakery: Keeping it Real

One bite into the Peanut Caramel macaron and I was smitten. I wanted more.

The equation was simple. Put everything from a perennial favourite candy bar and glamorise it with a French twist. That ought to be a winner. And true to word, it was more than I could ever ask for. Snickers, you can now retire to the backseat.

Do.Main Bakery in Tanjong Katong had surely nailed it with their Snickers inspired macaron, everything down from the sexy feet, the crisp exterior to the chewy innards and that glorious peanut caramel was spot on. As were the other macarons  ($2/piece) flavors, the chocolate (Valrhona Jivara at play) and the coconut, were both kryptonite.

With a gorgeous kitchen helmed by Fredric Deshayes who previously taught in LCB paris and another 9 years in At-Sunrise Culinary institute, it is no wonder that the all the pastries littering the grounds were textbook perfect; taking me back to my own culinary experiences. But besides the pastries, there was something else that elevated the French Boulangerie experience, the menu, so quaint and quintessentially Parisian that it made you want to hug the sidewalk and endure a lunch under the striped awnings in bright day light. (of course we didn't cause ideally that would lead to such unglam circumstances). Let me explain.

The spread at Do.Main is not limited to pastries and that wondrous walnut loaf in the bread basket that I unconsciously wiped out singlehandedly, Let's talk about the Broken Eggs ($12 for plain), perfectly cooked semi runny eggs served with mouillettes, essentially toast soldiers to consume all that conveniently, Perfect for a fulfilling breakfast. Then there's that oh-so-delicious Tartiflette Reblouchon ($16), an amazing assemblage of cream, potatoes and lardons, this does miracles in soothing quivering tongues and imparting silence at the table. The Cassolette oven Baked Escarogots ($16) will give most formal restaurants a run for its money, the escargots perfumed with herbs , the residual perfumed butter just another excuse to consume more bread shamelessly.

Moving back to the realm of pastries, some of the other unassuming finds at Do.main include the tarts. The Apple Tart ($26/ whole) was filled with fragrant frangipane at the bottom then elegantly layered with tiers of fresh granny smith apples over the top. Another treat not to be missed is the Bourdaloue Tart ($26/whole) with a crisp pate sucre base, almond cream and tinned pears in syrup over the top, a tad sweeter and fuller in flavors as compared to the former.

Do.Main Bakery stays on top of its game with a range of pastries in line for the festive seasons. Take for example the Tropezienne Raspberry ($12) that was created for Valentines' Day, the sweet brioche soaked with raspberry syrup spreading hidden messages of love, filled with a tropical tasting raspberry mousseline. I would totally agree to anything if this was given to me (unfortunately not *sulks*) 

Other smaller desserts perfect for surprise gifts include the Choux Pastry filled with light orange liquor cream ($5/pcs) , tantalizing and ultra romantic in notion, if you ask me. So if you're in the vicinity and looking for some take-away items? Do.Main Bakery would be a good place to resolve those problems; or you could just take a step back and revel in a quiet, civilised and unhurried dining space for a quick brunch. Don't say I didn't share this!

Do.Main Bakery
226 Tanjong Katong Road
S( 437015)
t: 6348 1406

Operating Hours:
Tues-Thurs: 8am - 9pm
Fri-Sat: 8am - 10 30pm
Sun: 8am - 9pm

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