Flock Cafe @ Ghim Moh: Breakfast food for the party go-ers

I arrived all misty eye and in full regret of the wilful night out before. Itching for a jolt of caffeine and some nosh to soothe the alcohol traumatised system, Flock cafe with it's mollifying interior filled with white washed walls and charming wooden furnishings, made me feel right at home instantly. 

The shades were lifted and I enveloped myself in the warmth emitted by the cosy space and its jovial staff.

It has taken me the longest time to get to Flock Cafe. Every time I walked past it's Moh Guan Terrace outlet, there was always a contingent of young hipsters and affectionate couples sipping on hot cuppas and digging into what seemed like substantial sized brunch dishes.

After my first mouthful, I finally saw the appeal. My taste buds gravitating towards the Cheeky Eggs ($14) featuring the likes of poached eggs, smothering braised pork cheeks underneath it's voluptuous weight, all this on top of toasted brioche which has slightly collapsed from the saucy treatment handed out by the pork cheeks. Hollandaise sauce is the crowning glory of this toothsome brunch treat. Unnecessary, but nonetheless a huge bonus!

Okay, so the Homemade Nonya Fish & Prawn Sandwich ($15) did not quite agree with me. The otah patty a tad too salty and soft in texture for my liking. 

The Spicy Chicken Katsu Burger ($15) would probably capture the undivided attention of the younger ones. The generous golden crusted chicken thigh mildly besotting to the eye, kind of like when Edward strips off his shirt to reveal his glittery infection. *giggles* . However, this rendition falls short with a general lack of seasoning to the protein and an absence of the promised spicy coriander yogurt in the stack.

Thankfully,  Flock cafe made a come back with the Brioche French toast ($12), a modest dish with maple syrup soaked brioche triangles, crispy bacon and a scattering of fruit compote. I had some mini gripes, one being that the bacon looked like sweltering pigs, not that I have anything against this greasy treat, but bearing in mind that most Singaporeans would like to feel that they are eating healthy; hence a good towelling off would benefit the look of the dish. The so called 'fruit compote' also felt like chopped pieces of fruit had just been fished out from a can of lychee syrup, Points goes out for the nostalgic factor but I reckon that doesn't quite sustain the term. All in all, a dish I would happily dive into after a big night out.

If you love your hae bee hiam, the Sauteed Prawn & Dried Shrimp Linguine ($14) will be right up your alley. An excellent dish with dried bits of shrimp and garlic oil forming the base of this toss up. I adored the local flair in this dish but wished that the dried shrimp were chopped up a little more finely to assist the chewing process. 

The Pork Cheek Rigatoni with shaved parmesan ($14) comes wholeheartedly recommended by your truly. Tender pork cheek forms a veil over al-dente rigatoni which sits daintly in a pool of braised juices; this disappears all too easily. What's not to love?

Desserts all hail from a certain Le-Cordon Bleu trainer Pastry Chef who owns her own shop somewhere right smack in the middle of town. Worth trying is the Cheesecake. It's crumbly texture testament to the heavy dosage of cheese put in the mix in contrast to the usual sneaky usage of cream and eggs as binders in replacement.

Flock cafe with it's imperative location in the wistful neighborhood of Ghim Moh has definitely succeeded in rounding up locals and expatriates alike, clever enough to avoid the bustling holland village entourage. With food like that and a soothing ambiance to boot, it's success is unquestionable.

Flock Cafe
Ghim Moh
Blk 21 #910213
Ghim Moh Road
t: 67107804

Opening Hours:
Tues-Sun: 9am - 6pm

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