Density Frozen Custard: All-natural Super-premium Ice-Cream

Earlier this month, the first ever frozen custard shop was launched in Singapore. Density Frozen Custard, flaunting explicit photos of velvety ice cream tongues and promises of Pumpkin Pie on their instagram feed aroused all curious bones in my body. A trip down to the joint was inevitable. 

Okay, so what sets frozen custard apart from the traditional gelato? 

Let's first get some terminology out of the way...

 Overrun is the measurement of air that is whipped into the ice cream in the ice cream machine and is calculated as the % increase in volume of the finished ice cream. So if 1 litre of ice cream mix produces 2 litres of frozen ice cream, 100% overrun has been achieved. 

Most commercial grade ice cream will have an overrun of between 50-70% whilst gelato usually runs from 25-50%. That's where the major difference for frozen custard comes about, super low overruns, reaching as low as 10% which generates a super concentrated and luscious product. If you think about the implications of this production method, it would mean that it makes a healthier dessert choice since less sugar is used (no need for the additional stability contributions of sugar during the course of aeration), instead, egg yolk is used in place of gelatin and other artificial stabilisers leading to an even creamier mouth feel. Essentially, as a consumer, you're getting the real deal, a bang for buck treat for an overall winning ratio of premium ingredients in one cup; on the flipside, being an owner means having to manage food costs with a tight ship.

Fortunately for us, the Wong sibling's passion for this sweet treat has involved them making major sacrifices to bring this dessert to our shores. Their dedication for the art, evident through their journey to the Midwest to suss out supplies and to learn the ropes of the trade.

Then, the real question is, how did it taste like?

These are my observations. First and foremost, don't bother with photos, the low overrun and lack of stabilisers means that this pot of gold would be reduced to a thick sludge in minutes. Good for those who love a good potent milkshake, but bad news for those who love a solid scoop. Secondly, the ice cream speaks boldly of the flavors of the premium fresk milk and cream used (cause essentially, that is all there is to a creme anglaise mixture). Lastly, don't muck around with flavors and toppings too much  (though their range of artisanal granolas are darn irresistible); my favourite of the lot is the vanilla ice cream, the generous amounts of vanilla beans sowed through the luscious mixture a testament of the siblings commitment to provide the best for their customers. On hindsight, that popcorn flavor had an uncanny flavor resemblance to a rainbow paddle pop on a stick. Mind boggling.

To compliment its' premium ice-cream, Sherlyn Wong has included a menu selection of coffee beverages with espresso beans procured from local roaster Two Degrees North. I had an espresso and was well impressed by the floral nuances in the coffee. A tad astringent in flavor, this would work well in a milk beverage or in an affogato perhaps. 

Technicalities aside, Density is a must-go for gelato and ice-cream aficionados because of its fresh perspective in the already saturated scene of cold desserts. Haters will be haters, but if this tickles your fancy, you'll be into it for the long run.

Density Frozen Custard
4 Short Street
t: 6268 7918

Operating Hours:
Daily: 12pm -12am

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