Marmalade Pantry @ Oasia:

The Marmalade Pantry is no stranger to the food scene in town, serving up a modest menu of modern casual bistro items in two drastically different settings, spanning from the rustic nature and peaceful calm of the stables at Bukit Timah saddle club to the posh, pristine environment right smack in the heart of the shopping metropolis ION orchard. This time around, the Marmalade Pantry group has another trick up its sleeve with its most recent opening at the Oasia Hotel at Novena. Conveniently located beside the reception area, hotel visitors would be happy to know that the kitchen services the room service and is also accountable for the breakfast buffet. However, given those conditions, there is no sacrifice in quality, the Marmalade Pantry is even quick to rus up a couple of new menu items for media release.

I have a soft spot for a slab of perfectly cooked salmon fillet. Marmalade Pantry's rendition of Salmon ($28) rests on a bed of chilled sweet potato noodles seasoned with a refreshing yuzu dressing. Pickled cucumber is slathered on top the partially crisped up skin of the salmon, ringing in Korean influences. Honestly, I would have preferred for a crispier skin and a heavier hand in seasoning, but seeing that the innards revealed a delicate pink, I held my gripes in.

The classic combination of pork and apple is revisited here with a heavy weight of a dish. Perfect for those who have carnivorous instincts; or who are just plain looking for something to devour with a good glass of red wine. The Pork Chop ($32) comes in timely. Pork crackling, succulent pork loin perched on a hunk of buttery mash with bacon fat split jus poured over for good measure. The quizzical use of sauteed Chinese spinach flanking the protein seemed somewhat as a clever measure to ensure consistency, removing seasonality from the plate. Still tasty of course.

For a full immersion into food coma state, order the Lobster Barley Risotto ($32). May not look like much, but its wonderful. Barley imbued with the intense flavor of lobster stock is then tossed with a mirepoix of butternut squash, carrots and onions which provide that surprise element of restrained crunch. A dallop of sour cream for that final creamy flourish. Almost groundbreaking in spirit, this dish had me breeding familiarity with my spoon as it made repeated visits from the shallow bowl to my mouth. 

Another dish to revel in is the Miso Lobster ($34). Push past the shoestring fries and dive straight for the lobster burger stuffed with all sorts of goodness; lobster chunks in tobiko and miso mayo with cucumber and red radish on a freshly baked bun. Every bite is a fresh surprise with a good balance of clean flavors amidst the creamy jargon. 

For desserts, there's no debating the choice of Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding ($14). Saucy puds, moist with large chunks of hydrated dates within, coupled with a smoky toffee sauce and velvety vanilla ice cream, resistance is futile.

So if you're thinking of tucking into Marmalade Pantry's posh nosh without enduring the judgemental stares of the tai-tai crowd in orchard, then head down to this inconspicuous venue for an equally delightful gourmet experience.

Marmalade Pantry
Oasia Hotel
8 Sinaran Drive

Operating Hours: 
Daily: 10am - 10pm  

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