BRIDGE restaurant and bar: Impeccable dinner fare

You can tell when a restauranteur's choices are based on cold market calculus and when they're driven by passion. Bridge is governed by the latter principle, it's picturesque plates backed by modern techniques and solid fare never once attempting a hard sell on its diners. Reason being, it doesn't have to, you're convinced the moment you dig into your seabass that dinner is going to be more than meets the eye.

Start the game small with their Octopus ($16), thinly sliced and perforated with a subtle umaminess from kombu, shallot chutney and citrus sorbet accompanying the  pretty stack. Point to note, Bridge does an insanely shrewd move of naming their dishes strictly after the main ingredient use, no jargon here means the decision making is a whole lot easier, with the rest of the listings optional for diners to digest.

While the varied proteins are given much attention in the BRIDGE kitchen, the starch options do shine like diamonds in the rough too. In fact, the Forest Alba ($35) could just be one of favourite dishes of the day. Looking pass the senseless garnish on the lips of the deep dish, you'll arrive at moist and creamy pile of perfectly cooked risotto enlivened with mascarpone for a push in richness and sprightly tanginess. Shimeiji mushrooms add a wonderful umami and Asian dimension to the soft mixture whilst the shavings of white truffle inject luxe qualities in large doses.

The mains continue in the same ethos of exquisiteness starting with the Holy Cow ($48), 100g of Kagoshima A4 Wagyu ribeye cooked to perfection served with truffle jus and carrot puree. Point to note, this may come across a bit aggressive with regards to pricing mainly due to the lack of starch fillers in its composition. But rest assured that the execution on the steak is flawless and ultimately pleasing. 

One dish that I would implore you to order upon arrival is their Homarus ($38) otherwise known as lobster with origins from Boston. It's vibrant red and white flesh blistered over high heat, that instinctive curl crucial to protecting its succulent moist underbelly. The kitchen sends them off with a true modern visionary direction with squid cous cous, squid ink foam and coral sauce that taste almost reminiscent of a rich lobster bisque. 

I've always been a big sucker for pork, and Bridge fulfils these fantasies by plating up two of my favourite cuts on a dish. The Belly and Cheek ($27) is a flawless dish combining the massive efforts of two 'melt-in-you-mouth' cuts slow cooked for a gruelling 36 hours before being plated. I dare say that Michelin-starred Chef Gordon Ramsey would have nodded in approval of this dish given its prosperous roots balanced out with braised savoy cabbage and grapefruit puree.

Another lovely addition to the seemingly extensive menu is Mary's Friend ($29) - perfectly Frenched lamb racks escorted with the savoury crunch of parmesan chips, the dash of smoked rosemary pumpkin puree literally sweeping me off my feet.

Desserts flows seamlessly out of the savoury courses. The kitchen makes a pool of warm chocolate flow softly, meltingly when the cake is broken into, screaming buttons of carrot caramel and shower of pineapple walnut powder pop between your teeth in the simply named Lava ($16). Milk gelato is made alarmingly sweeter in a more refined sort of manner with a dash of salt. 

My preferred creation was a Dark Passion ($16), sensuous, mysterious, late night debauchery of  68% St Dom Dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut nougatine and Shikuwasa sorbet amidst the intangible conference of other components such as shards of sticky honeycomb and chocolate soil - all of which add an indispensable layer of dimension to the dish.

As I have once waxed lyrical about the brunch at BRIDGE, the dinner menu proves to be just as highly gratifying, if not even more sophisticated than its light-hearted cousin. Visit and be bewildered by the seemingly simple yet highly provocative dishes as not highlighted by the inconspicuous list of components not expressed on the description. Bridge does have a couple of tricks up its sleeves and mostly pleasant ones seeing that the chefs go the extra mile to employ the freshest seasonal produce in their play.

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31 Seah Street

Operating hours:
Tues - Thurs: 3pm - 11pm
Fri: 3pm - 1am
Sat: 11am - 1am
Sun: 11am - 5pm 

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