20F Specialty Coffeehouse: Where Chicken makes way for Duck

Imagination worth the added price? Now, that's worth debating over at newbie cafe 20F Speciality Coffeehouse located along Foch road just right beside a Pig Organ Soup institution .Yes, so an unhosted tasting would mean a mandatory partaking of their illustrious Duck and Waffle combination. I'm sorry, but I can't hold out against the lure of a rendition that debacles my love for chicken and waffles.

Entering the shady alcoves of the cafe, the back premises offering several twists and turns in terms of ambiance; things could get interesting, I thought. In fact, the rest of the meal did unravel in a fun sort of way. In ways that those who love cafe cuisine wish would happen more often in Singapore.

Not entirely challenging the slopes of creativity is their Orange Cinnamon French Toast ($15) which combines pillowy slices of brioche soaked with orange infused cinnamon custard and pan seared till golden brown. Crispy bacon and mascarpone topped with crushed toasted pistachio accompany the masterfully delightful affair. Despite it's humble make-up, this was very good. And I would have tackled the whole dish on my own if not for the impending onslaught of several other waffles to follow.

The Beverage menu offerings a mind blowing extensive list of everything from craft beers to speciality iced teas, the usual coffee suspects and inventive cocktails at the brink of sunset. My Lemongrass, Pandan and Mint Iced Tea ($7) may carry a rather hefty price tag, but seeming that it packs quite a punch from the heavy dose of freshly bruised lemongrass and pandan leaves; this might be a good option for those nursing a cold. It's genial personality pleasing both finicky palates at the table.

20F's answer to chicken and waffles is NEH, their witty response in the form of a fetching contender, Duck and Waffle ($22) - confit duck leg meets buttermilk waffle, strawberry compote and a gargantuan scoop of mixed berries sorbet. The effect would have been more stunning if the skin was a wee bit crispier (perhaps a tad more salty) with juicier flesh, the rendition hovers on unduly sweet territories with the strawberry compote on the plate being one of those unbearable goodie-two-shoes that I choose to avoid like a plague.

The same waffle batter takes on multiple forms here at 20F, adopting a dried out crisp structure in the former and a more anaemic, fluffy consistency in the Salted Caramel and Bacon ($12) dessert. If anybody asked, this would be recommendation. Salted caramel ice cream, flawless with a deep dark caramel nuance, is made better with shards of crispy bacon on top a slightly sweetened buttermilk waffle batter. The piece de resistance, the espresso kahlua sauce, which essentially tasted like souped up melted kopiko sweets. The overall combination will have you eating off the plate - picking bits of salty bacon off the edge and dredging it through the remaining sauce at the bottom of the jug.

Another popular dessert is the Very Matcha ($8) - matcha chiffon cake, matcha sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. As much as I hope to make the most of you green with envy after staring at some tremendous shots captured, deep down inside, I can't help but confess that I would very much prefer Dulcet and Studio's cheaper and tastier matcha chiffon cake.

Still, plans are on the way to return back for a pasta and burger run soon. Stay tuned for updates!

20F Speciality Coffeehouse
20 Foch Road
t: 6291 4940

Operating Hours:
Mon: 10am - 7pm
Tues - Sun: 10am - 10pm

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