Froth @ Ascott Raffles Place: New menu on new territories

Froth has just reopened right in the heart of the CBD at the swanky Ascott Raffles Place hotel, and with a new location must come new menu mainstays, which perhaps can be best described as boldly unconventional! The muted, minimalist interior design cannot be more different from the exhilarating culinary adventure one embarks on with every dish tasted. Each course is a surprise, with some being decidedly more pleasant than others, but executed with the same kind of extravagant flair all the same.

We started with the Hot & Cold Foie Gras ($23.90). The more traditional pan-seared version perched on toasted butter brioche is enjoyable enough, while the chilled version plunged you straight into the deep end. The apple kiwi puree and slaw play clear second fiddle, doing little to mitigate the intense flavors of the foie gras. This luxury food is an acquired taste, so if you're a fan, I urge you to go ahead! However, I wouldn't recommend this dish to the uninitiated, for it will simply prove too much.

The Oriental Duck Salad ($16.90) was by far more appealing to me, starring the headlining meat in all forms: smoked, roasted and confit in a spring roll. This is paired with the all too familiar taste of Yu Sheng, recreated by a crunchy turnip and carrot medley with citrus plum sauce dressing. Overall, this is one unique Chinese-inspired salad that I would return to eat over and over again!

The good-looking Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger ($34.90) is a cross-breed between classic coffee shop ngoh hiang and a quality beef burger. This particular lovechild is a stellar example of fusion done right: the form takes a clear twist, but the characteristic flavours remain distinct. The patty is generous and is endlessly juicy. My only complaints is that the beancurd skin doesn't cut very well, resulting in quite a mess while eating, but that is to quibble. The truffle fries on the side are addictive as heck, so be warned!

Homemade slow roasted pork belly meets chili infused linguine in the SioBak Aglio ($25.90). This is a dish that must be enjoyed piping hot, so the crackling is crisp and meat tender. Perhaps the pasta was exposed for a little too long in the air-con, because I found it too hard for my liking. I did appreciated the fiery touch in the dish, but in the good name of aglio olio, I think that a little more garlic is in order to kick things up a notch. A great dish, but with greater promised yet to be realized.

Another pasta course that we gave a go was the Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($29.90). The velvety risotto boasts a piquant spice and fragrance, and is adorned by a crown of fresh seaweed. I only have praises to sing for the seafood: the plump tiger prawns, flower clams and squid were all grilled to perfection, with a fabulous char. Seafood enthusiasts must not miss this one!

The last main for the night was this aesthetically plated Ponzo Soya Cod ($35.90). A hefty price tag, but for an unbelievable tender and sous vide cod fillet that completely justifies it. The ponzu-sesame soy glaze is mouth-watering, and the bok choy's crunch rounds out the dish well. Almost camouflaged by the vegetables are these little green half bulbs.. you'd never guess what they are: they're actually baby peaches, and have an astounding sweetness that belie their unassuming appearance! A star dish that deserves as much acclamation as it can get

For dessert, I was really looking forward to the French Toast Waffle ($16.90) but I found myself rather disappointed. My expectations of rich eggy-ness fell flat because all I could detect were greasy, deep friend sensations that reminded me of pasar malam fare. Froth definitely over promised and under delivered on this count. Well, at least there was the saving grace of the irresistible toasted marshmallow ice cream and the condensed milk drizzle. If you ask me, I'd stay clear of this gimmicky flop and stick the time perfected Taro waffle instead.

To round up, Froth's modern fusion concept is a chef's imagination fone wild. Some dishes do work, while others need more work done. Still, come with an open mind and you can expect a delightful degree of playfulness and originality brought to the table!

2 Finlayson Green
Ascott Raffles Places
t: 6336 1228

Operating Hours:
Breakfast: 7am - 10 30am
Daily: 11 30am - 10pm

Written and Photographer by Jordan Ong. Jordan finds happiness in the simple: to eat and drink and find satisfaction in all her toil. Besides a deep love for artisan bread, she also has a taste for adventure, activism and anything alternative.

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