Mo'mor Izakaya: New Weekend Brunch Menu

Seize the rest of your Sunday with an epic feast at tranquil Mo'mor izakaya, housed in the serene basement level of Tanglin Post office just opposite the busy yet green blanketed junction of Tanglin Shopping Center. Watch the world move at lightning pace as you embrace the languidness of a lazy weekend morning, nursing a coffee or even a bubbly flute of champagne (if you will).

The Scrambled Egg and Home Smoked Salmon ($22.90) is bound to excite your taste buds with the lovely inclusion of home-cured salmon or gravlax on the side. Vacuumed packed for 24-hours to lock in those spices; these glistening folds brim full of flavor, making a perfect companion to the comparatively dull and overly creamy scrambled eggs tucked in between toasted croissant.

You'll be dreaming about the Slow Cooked Poached Egg and Jamon Serrano Ham ($23.90) for many moons to come. It's belongs in the distinguished classes of the usual Eggs Benedict, the twist being the Jamon serrano ham and the showy display of wobbly eggs - slow coked at 61.9 degrees celsius for exactly 1 hour. Beneath the translucent slivers of cured ham and sauteed spinach lies a blanket of mentaiko butter bestowed over sweet muffin caps which elevates the experience with a punch of umami.

As for beverages, Mo'mor does a healthy range of fresh pressed juices, smoothies, wines and the quintessential champagne, the perfect fit for an indulgent weekend brunch. We reach out for our topped-up glasses of Gosset Champagne Brut Excellence, Laurent -  a beautifully crafted yet easy to drink champagne with nuances of bitterness to help cut through the bounteous brunch dishes.

What's brunch without a chance of french toast or waffles? Mo'mor does some smashing sweet offerings firstly with it's signature Mo'mor French Toast ($17.90) that looks self-consciously like a hip-hugger on a plate but with an undeniable character that speaks whimsical tales of hearty cinnamon milk drenched toast, coated in crispy cornflakes then pan fried till golden brown. Matcha ice cream and adzuki beans complete the pretty picture. The Buttermilk Waffles ($17.90) on the other hand boasts a hint of saltiness paramount for the scoop of peanut butter ice cream to stand out. A tumbleweed of berries and scorched bananas rolled into crispy crevices are enlivened with dashes of maple syrup. Elvis would be pleased (bring on the bacon please).

Mo'mor's Weekend Brunch Menu is served on weekends and public holidays from 10 30am to 3pm. Touting a classy ambiance and excellent nosh, this may just be the perfect place for a romantic brunch session for two.

Mo'mor Izakaya
56 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Post Office
t: 6463 8080

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