[NEW] Nadai Fujisoba: Exemplary Soba in S'pore

If you remember the old Itadakimasu food cluster located on the 3rd floor of Millenia walk, you'll be elated to know that this has been revived with the food village finding its new grounds of residence at 100 AM Mall in Tanjong Pagar.

Japanese dining clusters are all the rage this year with Japan Food Town, Nihon Food Street, Japan Foods Garden setting up in different districts dotting the island. The idea, to present a multi-restaurant dining enclave to offer a plethora of choices for an audience who have already formulated a plan to tuck into Japanese fare. One of the newest joints that have just thrown open its doors in Mid December dishes out what I deem to be the best Soba in Singapore.

Nadai Fujisoba is a chain restaurant imported from Japan. With a long history stemming from 1966, this soba restaurant has one of the most ancient history in Japan. It's claim to fame, high quality buckwheat soba and dry bonito imported from Japan , both transported with great attention paid to temperature and humidity to retain its optimal freshness.

Start your meal off with the Special Truffles Dashi Maki Tamago ($15). Bathed in club Japanese stock that resembles an egg drop soup consistency albeit with tidings of sweet fresh crabmeat in its wake. This, I proclaim to be super addictive stuff that's bound to cure the pre-dinner munchies.

Where mains are concerned, do not hesitate to order the Kamo Nabe hotpost ($30 per pax, min. order 2 pax).

The experience in itself yields lots of pleasantries. Especially if you're the sort to enjoy watching chefs do their thing, in open kitchens for example. The mastery and gentle flicking of wrists involved in preparing the bonito broth as well as the quenelleing of the duck meatballs definitely therapeutic for those have the luxury of time on their hands. 

The broth is first prepared by leaving the a special blend of dried bonito into the mother stock, which already has been fuelled by kaeshi -  a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and well-aged mirin. This is brought to a rolling boil and then fished out before the rest of the ingredients are cooked. At this stage, the fragrance is irresistible and you almost can't contain the eagerness to dive in with a spoon. But you don't. Not till the greens are lowered in gingerly, neatly even to still maintain the colorful visage. Duck meat is then fastidiously quenelled at the table and dropped into the broth for about 5minutes till they float to the surface. The set comes with sliced duck that enjoy a medium pink with a quick swish.

To conclude the meal, this set comes complete with imported soba from Japan that allows the sweet broth to adhere to its buckwheat hide.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the Hot Sukiyaki Soba ($18). Portion sizes are altered in Singapore's flagship outlet, more noodles presented in larger bowls to boost aesthetic value and value for money economics. This certainly pays off as a quick review of the menu pricing and imagery of the options definitely aiding the soba joint in scoring higher marks in potential for future recommendations. I enjoyed the clear broth, the texture of the soba undoubtedly the highlight of the dish. This humble bowl enhanced by thin slices of sukiyaki beef, thinly sliced snow peas for crunch and silvers of yuzu peel for a restrained approach to the slightly oily dish. The perfectly poached egg spilling it's salacious secrets in yellow across the hot broth.

Definitely one of those dishes you'll want to keep by your side after a hard days of work. Trust me when I tell you that every single bite furthered my anticipation for my next visit. Dry Soba noodles, next!

Nadai Fujisoba
100 AM Mall
100 Tras Street
t: 6443 8827
w: www,fujisoba.co.jp/

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11am - 3pm; 5 30pm - 10pm
Sat - Sundays: 11am to 10pm

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