RedRing Treasures: Chicken Cutlet Noodles in the heart of town

If RedRing Treasure was born out of a moment of Eureka!; boy would I not have surprised. Especially given the founding family's deep rooted history in engineering. But for a fact that the business was the successful product of a young culinary talent's tenacity in the kitchen and his parents unwavering trust and support in his work; did it struck a chord in my heart.

With recipes that carry nuances of old school flavour in its wake, hearty portions and affordable pricing in the heart of town, it is no wonder that RedRing Treasure is now into its 3rd year of business and ironing out future plans to expand into Takashimaya.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised by the Salted Egg Squid Cutlet Curry Rice ($9.50); in this rendition, the salted egg sauce takes on more of a supporting role to the lead casting member, which was the tender squid, sliced appropriately to adopt a fan shape, each morsel possessing a thin shade of golden brown crumb. This surpassed all notions that food court squid has to be tough and chewy, following very closely in the footsteps of the stellar seafood I've recently enjoyed on my trip to Greece. Accompanying the plush deal was a bowl of curry made from painstakingly boiling pork bones for the longest time, so much so that the melt-in-your-mouth potatoes have a tendency to fall to smittereens at the light touch of a fork.

Another must have is the Fried Chicken Cutlet Egg Noodles ($5.90). I would have wished for a thicker and juicier chicken cutlet, but the crust, carrying just the right amount of seasoning was simply irresistible. The couple's investment in an expensive noodle cooking station that automates the process paid off. Delivering each portion in exactly the right consistency from start of service till the end. Springy with the spicy house-made sauce sticking to the bone, the noodles were absolutely addictive.

We also got a taste of their fish cutlet which yet again delivers quality over quantity, the fresh fried batter, evoking nostalgia for what was inevitably called "a simpler time." This serves as an alternative to the regular chicken and squid variants.

Other side dishes offered at the stall include the spectacular Onion Blossom ($7.50) which you can enjoy with your main dish. Go ahead and get chummy with this pull-apart snack that you should proceed to consume fast and furious as the bottom layers tend to absorb a wee bit too much oil from the frying process, rendering them a tad limp in most occasions.

Red Ring Treasures currently has 2 outlets, one in the Food Republic of Wisma Atria and the other in the Gourmet Paradise Food Court of Toa Payoh HDB hub outlet. I hearsay the prices at Toa Payoh are slightly cheaper than the former and definitely worth checking out.

RedRing Treasures
Wisma Atria
Food Republic
Stall 6
435 Orchard Road

Toa Payoh HDB hub outlet
Gourmet Paradise Food Court
480 Toa Payoh Hub
Toa Payoh Lor 6

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