Menya Sakura: Nagoya Style Ramen that you'll be fantasizing about (way past your bedtime)

It's that witching hour again, when fantasies of piping hot bowls of fat-laced ramen cloud the mind with tall cumulonimbus structures too high even for the countdown sheep to leap over. Either that, or you're pushing through the drinks quota so hard, as if planning for your demise and higher destiny. Both things, you'll live to regret the next morning; sunglasses, coconut water and vitamin c being the best weapons against the pulsating headaches. The idea of a sultry bowl of ramen might not be a wild departure as well.

Menya Sakura, the newest ramen entry in the boat quay district comes with impressive credentials. Hailing from Nagoya city, Japan with several other branches spread out over Indonesia; the first outpost in Singapore is helmed by Chef Sho Naganuma, ex-Executive Chef of Hide Yamamoto in Marina Bay Sands.

Sure there is the usual Tonkotsu ramen option right up there on the menu, but trust me when I point you in the direction of their Chuku Soba or Tsukemen. Menya Sakura's take on ramen is anything but tame, basking in the highlights of Nagoya-style ramen characterized by hearty soups and thick Japanese egg noodles. (WARNING: the richness of the soup may cause you to break out in meat sweats, not exactly the most glamorous thing to be chowing down on. You get the point.)

In the Chuku Soba ($10.90), the chef creates a dynamic tension between thick Nagoya soba served with dashi broth cooked with saba, ago and niboshi. The long folds of char siu taking on an elegant look that belies their gobble-down goodness with the translucent fats lacing the edges. Good for those looking for a lighter option that wouldn't lead to desk paralysis after.

But my heart lies with the Tonkotsu Tsukemen ($14.90) - an ultra rich tonkotsu and seafood broth packing a punch of flavors in its wake, is best explored with the help of a gargantuan serving of thick textured ramen noodles. A quick dip and the salacious broth sticks to it like a luxurious mink fur coat. The browned glistening pieces of char siu broken down in the broth, weaves everything together. Yes, it might be a tad salty and overwhelming for some, but trust me on this, this bowl is sure to lift any sort of rotten spirits.

Menya Sakura
69 Boat Quay
t: 9469 3366

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 11 30am - 10 30pm
Sun and PH: Closed

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