ADRIFT by David Myers will bait you with their Crazy Late Night Supper Menu

I can't pretend that I like any of the restaurants I've ever dined in at Marina Bay Sands very much. But one things for sure, when a kitchen delivers a full-fledged menu (Till 2am) complete with a wild bevy of high-strung cocktails till 4am every morning, It's a keeper and it deserves my support.

ADRIFT by David Myers (read my previous review here) has had raving reviews from me in the past, no thanks to golden crispy ingots of fried chicken karaage dredged through furikake mayonnaise that stole my heart on the first instance. If you've never visited the joint, the new super late-night menu will provide enough incentives for you to do so.

The availability of a menu that drives in the stragglers from work or those tipple-cradlers craving some fuel in between flights does pose an immense potential for the restaurant. Amidst the sizable list of meal choices ranging from raw seafood to skewers and items cooked on the bench, there are a few hidden gems which we uncovered. All washed down potent libations, some set with an Asian tone.

For starters, get the Abalone Sushi ($17) with sudachi and wasabi, fresh abalone retaining an excellent chew, hums with excitement from the use of sudachi lime. It's rather ostentatious presentation befitting of its price tag. Then, there is the Tuna and Avocado ($12) from the raw section, unlike what you would have imagined it to be, flavourful slices of tuna are wrapped around creamy avocado slices and these ruby red rolls served in a piquant ponzu sauce. It might not look the most exciting, but there's a hidden rainbow in each mouthful.

A quirky looking bowl of Soboro Rice ($24) is a quick and easy way of getting into the fusion spirit. The kitchen brings their A-game on with this comforting mix of chicken mince in seaweed, radish and tofu draped over a bed of warm sushi rice crowned with a 63 degree egg that adds lashings of yellow-tainted lavishness to the dish. I dare say this is one of the best supper menu dishes I've had in accompaniment to the boisterous efforts of the classic Penicillin ($23) cocktail.

Being a burger fiend, I will profess that a trip to Adrift is incomplete with getting in on their Wagyu Burger with Fries ($28). A simple layman's burger done right, our patty arrived medium in the centre, its pretty pink composition displaying a fine portion of fat to meat ratio. Pungent gruyere drooping provocatively over browned patty and jalapeƱos to keep things less polite and stimulating in this meat fest. If you like enjoy their sliders by the bar, you're gonna dig the full on version.

Once you've got the munchies placated, scoot on over to the bar for a revelry of cocktails till the wee hours of the morning (4am to be exact), the Tuk Tuk Thief ($23) gets my vote, aged rum does a happy dance with fresh pineapple juice, a dash of lemon juice and fernet branca for that refreshing edge. The bar also thrives on an Asian theme with originals such as Lepak Local ($23) - chili infused botanist gin, palm sugar, calamansi and pineapple juice, a feisty one that's a solid accomplice to the bevy of raw seafood options on the supper menu.

Alright folks, it's a Saturday night. Time to get your groove on!

ADRIFT by David Myers
10 Bayfront Avenue
Hotel Lobby Tower 2,
Marina Bay Sands
t: 6688 5657

Operating Hours:
Daily: 7am - 4pm

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