Rosso Vino: like an Italian Trattoria scene from Lady and the Tramp

Stuck in its ways. stepping into Rosso Vino is like a step back in time. Red napkin lined bread baskets and waiters dressed in starched and stiffened white shirts; the joint cashes in on the nostalgic factor; instilling in its diners an enthusiasm quite similar to what you would experience when you were ten and were told dinner is at Jack's Place. Despite it's conservative decor and even more time-honoured menu, dining for the first time at Rosso Vino is a dangerous love affair. The said waiters and waitresses working the dining room with effortless hospitality; like they'd been doing this their whole lives. I bet a bottom dollar that partaking in their fettuccine bolognese would be like a magical scene out of Lady and the Tramp sans the waiter serenading you with his impeccable accordion skills (though they would if they could).

The appetiser shows promise. Burrata Fresca di Andria ($19.90) features fresh soft cheese served with mixed salad and tomatoes. Give the waiter a nod and grin as he gregariously grinds fresh black pepper over the rich creamy beauty then proceed to tip that olive oil jug over. It's fabulous and your palate will revel in the luxury of the dish, the crisp greens providing relief in between orgasmic bites.

Burrata fresca di Andria - $19.90
Linguine al granchio e bisque di gamberi - $27.90
Quattro Formaggi Pizza - $28.90
Torta lave con gelato alla viniglia - $19.90

Dining here mandates a glass(or bottle) of wine. It's not a game of Russian roulette, even the most basic glass of Nero d'Avola ($10/glass) impresses. However, one bite into the Quattra formaggi Pizza ($28.90) and your senses are so elevated that the experience alone warrants an upgrade of wine. Get the Doppio Passionfruit IGT (primitivo) from Puglia, Italy, at just $12 per glass, this smooth criminal harbour rich black berries with a hint of ripe plum on the palate. Perfect for those who are looking to ease into the week. Big and bolder, the Chianti Buccia Nera DOCG (Sangiovese) priced at an affordable $13 per glass packs quite a punch, slightly more acidic and nuanced with floral notes, its a good match-up seafood.

The meal continues brilliantly with Linguine al Granchio e Bisque di gamberi ($27.90) providing a hinterland for all fantasies. A rich prawn bisque adheres to perfectly cooked strands with such ferocious love that the audible squish with the twirl of a fork is inevitable. You're allowed to moan in that instance, steamy circumstances call for such lustful behaviour.

Pizzas are the mainstays here at Rosso Vino and you'll understand why at first impression. Our Quatro Formaggio ($28.90) is a celebration of cheese, bread and the majesty of its combination. Precious nuggets of gorgonzola strewed over the top will rally some sort of friendly rivalry around the table.

But while its a fad to innovate food, its another thing when you come to a old-fashioned Italian diner such as this one. You'll want to order the Torta Lava Con Gelato alla Viniglia ($19.90) and trust me when I say there will be no regrets there. This tried and tested cake recipe is one that will placate the chianti stained palate. Thin crusted walls, molten centres decked in broody intensity and creamy vanilla ice cream to tango. One can't help but polish off the dirty deed.

If it's technical culinary brilliance with a touch of fusion confusion you're after, Rosso Vino offers none of that. However, if you came for a glass of wine, simple and humble fare that will induce good conversation, you won't be disappointed. The vibes at Rosso Vino will steal plenty of hearts. As it did mine.

Rosso Vino
15 Merbau Road

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sun: 3pm - 1am

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