I wish I could be cuddled like that baby, wrapped up in layers and layers of warm blanket. Comforted in all instances, under the caring gaze of my guardian.

But life never spins its web the way you want it. Sometimes it gets broken effortlessly by the tyranny of a clumsy passerby (just like how I walked straight into a web at the end of my work shift in the outdoor seating of the restaurant) and sometimes it gets carried away by the drifting winds or even weighed down to breaking point by the gathering of fresh dew drops.

I'm alone in this incessant emotional web of thoughts instilled by a recent progress that I have come to find out about. Abandoned, taken advantage of and neglected. Don't I deserve even the simple respect of being updated on matters? Were my efforts invisible to you? Or was this a toy or your impending ambitions? Now all is lost; I dip deep into the pool of inferiority.

Loneliness. It stings... but it's gonna make me stronger.

The whole world sleeps but me.

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