25 Degrees Singapore wishes to cast a spell with their Black Magic Burger

As much as I was put off by the tag-line of 'endorsed by A-List celebrities as their go-to burger joint', I could understand what was the fuss about. Rich burgundy hued wallpaper, black leather booth seats and just enough natural light streaming in. If the Los Angeles branch emulates the same feel, it would probably be the perfect spot to be captured devouring a heavy stack while still sporting a cropped top revealing chiseled abs underneath - cue the headlines "How __ Stays Fit - While Modelling and Eating Burgers". oh pls...

My first encounter with the LA export was one that involved more than 5 napkins and winning smiles all around. The best part is, making a choice is hardly a chore at the joint which boasts a neat selection of 5 signature burgers on the menu, all priced at $14. A steal where city prices are concerned.

The Number Three ($14) - Beef Patty, Mezzo Secco Jack, Green Chili, Chipotle and Avocado comes with a side warning of 'slightly spicy'. It's a surprisingly delightful burger, a flavour pinwheels that spins from savoury, creamy to spicy all in one bite. The dry jack deals some nutty nuances and together with piquant green chili and beef patty that sees a slight crisp on its edges all comes together to render an eclectic mix of tastes and textures that I promise will have you rethink your preference for the classic beef burger.

The New Black Magic Burger ($16++) takes one to towering heights with a stack of juicy beef patty, caramelised Canadian bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, roasted tomatoes and Spanish onions. I'll be dammed. This heavy weight is not one for the faint of heart and it's tank like structure was  built for the famished.

Verdict: Price worthiness comes to mind with this gargantuan stack. Same problem plagues the patties with only the sides sporting a wonderful sear. The amalgamation of ingredients renders the equation 'too-complicated' and the haphazard slicing on both the Spanish onion and tomatoes tend to crowd the palate. The former robbing ones palate of sensitivity with its encroaching pungency. The buns, however thick and stodgy looking, were wonderful vehicles to transport the explosion of natural sweet beef juices into your mouth. Overall, a scrumptious burger that you'll see to the very end.

Sides play a classic game here at 25 Degrees with the astringent wafts of truffle French fries thick in the air. We, however, gunned for the mixed Curly Fries and Onion Rings ($5) with 3 choices of dips - Spicy Aioli, Lemon Dill and Chipotle (additional $3). Anchored deep into spicy aioli, the bucket of #friedthings were winning it and we nursed regrets of not ordering an individual portion each.

Note that the special Black Magic Burger is available for a limited time until the 28 February 2018. So make a visit down... and perhaps the daily 3am closing times may serve an added incentive. No, wait a minute, there's the weekday $12 signature burger and fries deal as well (11am to 3pm) - sigh, if only my heart can afford for me to visit more often.

25 Degrees Singapore
200 Middle Road
t: 6809 7990

Operating Hours:
Daily: 11am - 3pm

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