[Hot off the Press]: Ash & Elm presents Michelin-starred Beefbar (HK) for 2 nights only

Three Chefs, Two Nights, One Michelin Star.

Here, the aim of the game is all in the name of guest restaurant, Beefbar from Hong Kong - get beefed up - with the restaurant's most iconic dishes alongside InterContinental Singapore's Executive Sous Chef Philippe Duc and Pastry Chef Ben Goh's sublime culinary efforts. In a collaboration with Fine Dining Lovers by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, the collaboration dinner will take place over two nights on the 1 and 2 June 2018.

The luxurious and elegant settings of Ash and Elm add to the sense of trendiness that the Beefbar conveys. Kick off the 5-course meal with the Amberjack Carpaccio, dressed with a vibrant wasabi dressing and sprigs of coriander cress and then graduate to Beefbar's Signature Beef Tartare "bistro style". You can't be so sure if the whole thing is deadly ironic or self explanatory. The mince on its own is brilliant, highlighting the freshness of the produce; sadly, this is topped with a dollop of cream that has a taste profile akin to thousand island dressing with bits and bobs of roughly chopped onions and pickles haphazardly folded through. Really, just stop it.

The next dish, the Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops is ribbons of the same mediocrity. I yearned for a blistered crust but was greeted with a luke warm puck sporting a patchy seared exterior. The coloured florets of cauliflower pulled its weight in exciting the diner visually and the brown butter sauce while contributing to a slight textural contrast, was wildly normal.

Meatlovers will revel in the next course which offers up a half-portion selection of American prime Black Angus Tenderloin with Australian wagyu-crossbred striploin. This is served with velvety mashed potato, all ready to catch the drippings of those precious cuts from both ends. I do prefer the striploin, the marbling derived from its wagyu bloodline resulting in a tender cut that's full on flavour. Both slabs could have used a ton more seasoning before hitting the grill and temperatures were a bit spotty, but I supposed these are issues that can be rectified by Chef Andrea Spagoni, with more time spent in the visiting kitchen that is.

Revel instead in dessert, presented by award-winning Pastry Chef Ben Goh. Rouge as blatantly spelt on the menu is a a play on the colour red - almost as beautiful to look at, or photograph, as to eat. Hidden underneath a bunker of raspberry tuile is a rich chocolate crémeux made with Valrhona's single origin 68% cuvee Bali chocolate piped atop a chocolate biscuite, this is flanked by vanilla meringue, a quenelle of yuzu yoghurt sherbet, strawberry compote and a spectacular shard of dehydrated raspberry agar. It was so exceptional that I was tempted to sneak an additional order of chocolate crémeux. But I didn't.

The five course collaborative menu will be available at Ash and Elm on 1 and 2 June 2018, 6 00pm to 10 30pm at S$128++ per guest with a wine pairing option available at an additional S$88++ per guest. For reservations, please visit AshandElm.sgashandelm.sg or email sinhb.ashandelm@ihg.com or drop them a call at +65 6825 1008.

Ash and Elm
80 Middle Road
Level 1
InterContinental Singapore
Reservations: CHOPE
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