The Salted Plum joins the leagues of the Dirtyyy Late Night Eats.

Last year, Five Ten's achingly hip temple to home cooked fare basking in Taiwanese pedigree, set the pace for Singapore's new restaurants. Even after its reincarnation as The Salted Plum along the uproarious Circular road, it's still in a league of its own.

It may carry over a huge bulk of its menu, but with less than a year under its former belt, The Salted Plum's nosh is still a breathe of fresh air. While it'd be fun to report that the expanded menu with its new trinkets and fancier $25 Slipper lobster additions stand out in the casual diner. The truth is that the staples of Braised Pork Belly ($10) and Fried Chicken with Nori Mayonnaise ($10) are really what stay with you. The moment the Shiny Rice (50cents) - Japanese pearl rice drizzled with lard and garlic oil makes an appearance, it's a no holds barred situation when claiming property over the flurry of delicious things that were swiftly laid out over our wooden tables becomes your top priority. And, with a first bite into the glorified golden nugget of chicken, that attempted to scorch my tongue with its devious juices - animal instincts take over. I wanted all of it.

For the record, The Salted Plum occupies a space that is tons smaller than its original sprawling grounds, hence long queues and gatherings of random beatniks just outside your dining situation is bound to happen. The interior takes on a more laid-back vibe as compared to its moody, chic ancestor - more befitting of a casual Taiwanese diner, if you ask me. And similar to the fast-paced dining culture one would associate with Taiwan's eponymous 小吃店, tables are spaced just enough for your skinny girlfriend to slide on through and the tiny room is lit with resounding echos and boisterous conversations overheard from the table across the room.

Back to the topic of the nosh, the greens are clearly represented here and we did get a head start with the Brussel Sprouts with Shiitake Mushrooms ($5) and Kai Lan littered with crispy garlic crisps ($5). Both came perfectly seasoned and paired with a choice of protein, would suffice for a light meal for 2.

Let's just say we got greedy.

As a person who earns a living while getting to widen the circumference of my arse simultaneously, I care less and less for the superfluous. Where business models are concerned, The Salted Plum's convivial service booted with down-to-earth cuisine sure cut it in the taste stakes. This is what a restaurant led by the young, for the young, should be like.

Here's news that conjured some inappropriate thoughts in my head. Yes, The Salted Plum now opens for Supper (oooo, that filthy word) on Friday and Saturday nights from 11pm to 2 30pm. The fact that they've got Crispy Duck Leg, Braised Pig Intestines and Dough Fritters with minced pork, drenched in haus saus on the Supper Menu, may just be reason enough to trudge down the boardwalk to experience. Truth be told, it's that Oyster Omelette with a heavy chance of lard that's tugging at my heartstrings. Same sentiments?

The Salted Plum
10 Circular Road
t: 6260 0155
Reservations: Quandoo

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 6pm - 9 30pm
Fri: 11 30am - 2 30pm; 6pm - 9 30pm; 11pm - 2 30am
Sat: 6pm - 9 30pm; 11pm - 2 30am

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