Spain and Portugal Part 3

Spain and Portugal Part 3

22nd December => Madrid -> Segovia -> Avila -> Salamanca
Today we headed on the little town of Segovia where we basically got to walk around the city and view wat a normal olden city had. A cathedral and a castle needless to say. However wat was different about this city was the 2000 years old Roman Aqueduct which runs thru the heart of the city. the blue skies over head allowed for excellent photo oppotunities and the sunny weather caused a slight temperature rise warming up our cold limbs. though the castle was no way as extravagent as the others we had saw in britan before, as we scaled the lookout tower to the top of the castle, we were treated to a spectacular view of the entire city and its surroundings. i guessed the king must have amused himself looking down on his subjects living in the houses far below his. Must have been some form of cheap thrill. haha.

Another Gothic Cathedral...

view from the top of the castle... guess the climb was worth it after all...
the aqueduct.... isn't it magnificant?

After tt, we proceeded on to have our lunch! today's special.... *drum roll* pls. authentic succulent roast suckling pig! my gosh.. made using a tiny 2 month old baby pig. Guaranteed tenderness to the meat there.

the ceremony before the pig was served was rather interesting. this i will post a video off once i get back to spore. Other than tt, the pork was nothing spectacular. Perhaps more on the tender, fall off the bone side, but it was nothing to rave about. Dessert was a measly serving of ice-cream?!?! i was flabbergasted... in wat way did ice-cream compliment or complete a meal such as roast pork? strange...

okie.. so this photo was taken be4 lunch. a hungry woman is an angry woman! *RAWR*

then, we travelled on to view the ancient walls of St. Therea's town of Avila. well, i wld just say this town was similar to a ghost town. With fine walls and beatiful construction on the perimeter, the inside was empty and bristling with gust of cold air blowing down the empty streets. Perhaps the onset of winter have caused everyone to retreat into their homes. As a result, the was pretty much nothing to do in the town besides self entertainment ( tt somehow we were very good at.. me and my cousins) Apparently, this city built on uber highlands (650m above sea level) thus explaining its uncomfortably high temps tt chase away tourists during the winters. Trust me.. it was VERY cold!
dun ask me what was i doing.. anyway, mummy bears testimony to the freezing temps of avila. *brrr*

Finally, after a long day of sightseeing, we were back on the bus and travelling to Salamanca where we to spend the night. Upon reaching the hotel, and checking in, our family went out to walk the streets and take in the christmas atmosphere in Plaza Mayor. the lights in the city were brightly lit around the main square and its surounding streets. Throngs of people moved lyke slow running water along the cobbled pathways. everywhere, shops were full of activity. oh well, i still had a little time to make a little shopping trip at H&M.

Having a lot of time on our hands, we stepped into a little bakery shop along the street. As i stepped in, i was immediately taken over by a sudden surge of warmth. Not only because the shop perimeters were heated, but by the lightings and the strong aroma wafting throughout. it was pastries galore with families queuing up to purchase their sweet goods for desserts of gifts. It was instant comfort for me in a sense. well, perhaps someday i would want to set up a shop lyke this... anyway, feeling a strong urge and temptation to try. We picked out several goodies from the display to return back to the hotel to sample. and guess wat, i fell in love with one of them.. oh god,.. i MUST SO learn to re-create this dessert one day. it was more than just average. it was perfect... wahhh....

look at the lovely pastry shop display window. now, who wldn't fall in love with it?

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