xmas cookies

Bake me some cookies!!!
it just takes some cookie decorating to calm those pre-birthday party nerves. haha. Not tt i was very nervous or anything about the party. Rather i was more anxious about how the weather wld be.. i prayed tt it wldn't play me out. But in the end, i guess God had other plans for me. i i guess they worked out just as fine as well. thank you God.

i had made the batter a few days before and only had the time to bake it the day before the party. and let me tell you, cookie decorating is one of the most fun activities to do. especially with a very artistic babe around to help. hehe.. and clean up of course *gulp*.. so, we did giant snowflakes, gingerbread man and butterflies! lurve the gorgeous shapes... however, had a slight issue with the dough batter as it was a tad soft and didn't hold its shape too well. Guess i didn't follow the recipe religiously.. resulting in not so good results as well. But wat the heck, at least we both had fun despite the fatigue tt the late night lured in.

note the details btw.. the little scar on babe's right eye.. hehe.. he reallie has one and i think its cute. haha. oh well...

we were so tired when we wrapped up the entire deal. it was 4 am in the morning mind u. thinking back, i have no idea why we stayed up so late especially on the night before my party. terrible!!!

and dun worrie, i'll be posting an entry of my bdae party soon! at least before i leave for spain tmr tt is! *woots*.. i can't wait.. terribly excited!

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