wonderful weekend

I have a fetish for lips...

and might i say that these lips look swell. slightly opened with hazelnut dripping its lovely essences out. Gawd.. *shudders*

well, if you think i reallie do have a big fetish for lips.. then u're right. haha. BUT.. in this case, lets more on to the bigger picture.
now tts a real beauty... *sniggers*. ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you my exclusive bottle of Frangelico, hazelnut liquer! Now, i've been on a mad hunt for this for ages. turns out tt this exclusive liquer is made only in Italy and very rarely imported to Singapore. and even if it were, it came with a very exhorbitant price tag. So... think.. what would Sihan do? DUH! exploit her bdae wishes and get her brother to ask his friends who were coming back from aussie for the holidays to lug this treasure home for his darling little sister. wahaha.. clever me. *rubs her hands in glee*.

Now, with my hazelnuts on hand and my prized possesion in my keeps, i cldn't be more happy...

on a side note, Saturday was a rather enjoyable day. Relatives came over for a lovely rainy day lunch of western fare. Fish and chips and baked beans on the side. Simple and easy. and yesh, i and my brother had to add to the mess. experimenting with oven baked fish instead. Well, at least our efforts didn't go to waste. And the fish came out succulent and tender, oozing with aroma of chilli, garlic, rosemary and peppercorns. YUmz.. haha. and how cld we forgo dessert? so i woke up early in the morning to prepare my lemon tart which added a lovely finish to the whole meal. What better to cleanse the greasy palate then with a tangy dessert? ahhh... the lemon tart certainly did the trick. (didn't have time to take a photo of the entire finished tart but managed to take an uber ugly shot of the one piece of tart tt i had )
After lunch, I met up with Babe and we went down to Changi T3 for the second last day of the openhouse. I thought i cldn't miss out on it since its not everyday tt you get to walk in the departure hall and sit in the holding gallery area. haha. I knoe it sounds silly but to me, it was a trip well spent as I got to appreciate the architecture and layout of the place.
all in all, it was beautiful by my standards. Stepping thru the glass panels seperating the main area and the departure halls, it was like being transported to another country instantly. they have reallie outdo themselves this time around. Every single entity present looked like they were placed there for a purpose. wonderful... plus.. the new terminal saw the addition of several happening pubs and eating joints in the departure zone. Brewerkz and Harry's! cool bengs.. now we can chill out to a pint of beer before boarding the plane. Perfecto...

well, the place was pretty crowded with groups of people being lead around in guided tours. We opted out though due to the inconvenience. the holding gallery area was packed full of people sitting on the chairs to rest their weary legs. Babe stumbled upon something reallie farnie in the toilet and even took a shot of it to illustrate it humor.

apparently, having a picture of a fly at the base of the urinal would help improve accuracy? hmph. interesting...

babe has forehead wrinkles in this shot.. ahha
there...much better. *hehe*

moving on, we ventured into the arrival area where passengers collect their luggage. this place is beautiful! with greenery trailing down the walls and water cascading down the concrete panels, it resembled some sort of lost amazonian world amidst the concrete world. i sure would be happie to return to such a beautiful arrival hall!

finally ended off with dinner at changi point. at a place called hanamco multi taps bar restaurant. cool place to chill out at with a couple of frens over beer. And a lovely selection of imported beers too! Absolutely love the white beer I ordered. Yum... Babe loved his pear cider loads too!

Now tts one helluva good afternoon. reallie enjoyed myself just being out there and bumming ard. Holidays are getting off to a good start... well at least it is becoz i've got you. *wink*

p.s. reminder for Sihan's 21st bdae party coming up soon! pls check your emails for invites and do rsvp as soon as possible. PLs guys.. make it easy for me.. hehe

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