Dandenongs: Scones and Pies in the Sky!!!

So what's a trip to Melbourne without savouring some of its well-known scones in the Dandenong ranges? Okay.. so it might be a pretty far drive from the city just for the tasting. But trust me, its laid back ambience is worth the road trip.

So we headed on down to the dandenongs at mid-day hoping to catch Miss Marples in her less busy hours...

After about an hour drive up the mountains and braving the chilly winds, we entered the shop. It was warm, cosy and incredibly endearing. I was taken to the whole rose wall paper look and the quaint tea pots and china plates they served their food in. This ambience was perfect for any weather rain or shine...

We ordered two sets of Devonshire tea. 4 scones completed with a free flow of cream an homemade raspberry jam. Also a waffle set (two waffles with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, fresh cream and mixed berry compote) and lastly, a chocolate pecan cake. For drinks, we had their in house special yorkshire tea, earl grey and lady earl grey. I tended to the last the most, with a bit more extravagence over the usual earl grey..

The 5 of us had an incredible time cleaning out the plates. The portions were big and the servings rich. Still.. it was bliss till the max...
Every inch of the table was occupied, either by tea pots, cups or cups of cream and jam. It was an incredibly majestic spread.

Despite the whole hype about the scones from Miss Marples, I felt that they were just mediocre. Possibly a slide in quality due to the huge publicity. Still, i would pay for the ambience and the teas they serve up at the resturant.
After that whole sweet indulgence, Trevor was still hungry for more...

Hence we headed up the mountain a bit more till we reached Pies in the Sky! A shop featuring award winning pies! YUM! now we all need a little savoury for lunch don't we?

I had the rather rare thai green curry chicken pie which was stunning! while the rest had the usual burgundy beef.. and steak and guiness pies and what not.. BORING! but they were still good nonetheless!
bet you're just sitting there drooling at the incredible foods featured... hehe. *evil laughter*..
Next up will be more on the trip up to the Grampians! Beautiful mountains ranges and magnificant rock formations... so pls keep reading on and dropping your comments! Will be great to hear from your guys. Kind of feeling like no one reads my blog anymore. haha.oh well..

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